!! OMG, gossip: Trouble in paradise for LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian !!

Unsurprisingly: Eddie Cibrian wants out of his marriage to LeAnn Rimes [celebitchy]
OMG: Lindsay Lohan‘s outfit at the Liz & Dick premiere [amy grindhouse]
Potentially bigger OMG: Emma Stone has a sex tape? [evil beet]
Giddyup: Why exactly is Colin Ferrell on a white horse? [dlisted]
Sexy when wet: Mika takes us “Underwater” for his latest music video [popbytes]
Speaking of which: Ellie Goulding premiered her new music video for “Figure 8” [arjan]
Neither of those doing it for you? The top 10 live songs [celebrity cafe]
According to six year olds: The story of the first Thanksgiving [socialite life]
Speaking of which: President Obama gave Nate Silver a shout-out in his turkey pardon [towleroad]
Well, that’s over: Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has resigned [joe]
Feeling dirty? Take a shower with this guy [kenneth]
Somehow he’s still modeling: A-List New York‘s Austin Armacost [after elton]
You’re fired: Donald Trump haters protest by cutting up their Macy’s credit cards [jezebel]
This is Christopher Walken calling: What happens when a comedian prank calls a restaurant [double viking]
“Let there be love”: Watch Christina Aguilera‘s hot live performance [oh la la]
Why, exactly? Leonardo DiCaprio made out with a 66-year-old [the blemish]
LMAO: Nicki Minaj was denied entry at her own album release party [allie]
When you date a member of One Direction: You get death threats [tabloid prodigy]

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