!! OMG, gossip: Ben Affleck is still a bitter Betty about JLo !!

Yikes: Ben Affleck did an entire interview about Jennifer Lopez [evil beet]
OMG: The moment Lindsay Lohan found out about her half-sister [dlisted]
So long, cream filling: Hostess is closing down in the U.S. [popbytes]
But wait! You can still get that goodness in Canada [joe]
Never looked so good: Gerard Butler [kenneth]
Breaking Board: Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham used to be a meth-head [towleroad]
Yes, I do: Listen to Icona Pop‘s “I Love It” [arjan]
Is she wrong: Kristen Stewart still thinks the world hates her [celebitchy]
Speaking of which: The top five “Twilight” stars who will continue to make it big [celebrity cafe]
You had it all figure out until: New, weird Rubik’s cubes [double viking]
Funny alert: Tina Fey and Paul Rudd made a movie together [jezebel]
Your moment of cute: Two chinchillas sleeping in a shoe [socialite life]
Glease: Darren Criss is a teen angel [after elton]
Today’s hottest hottie: David Beckham [oh la la]
And if he’s not enough: More hot men! [berry]
Shockingly: Jessica Simpson‘s new Weight Watchers commercial might actually show her body [amy grindhouse]
Ugh, really? Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are hooking up again [allie]
Let them eat Lady: Gaga posed for a photo spread in a giant cake [tabloid prodigy]

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