!! OMG, gossip: Kate Moss reveals details of her bad breakup with Johnny Depp !!

You almost feel bad for her: Kate Moss says she cried for years when Johnny Depp left her [celebitchy]
The feline community is lending a helping paw to Sandy disaster relief [jezebel]
Speaking of which: Flying weave! [kenneth]
Question of the decade: How did Jessica Simpson lose 60 pounds in five months? [popbytes]
Dangit, Sandy: Heidi Klum canceled her epic annual NYC Halloween party [dlisted
Speaking of which: How not to get arrested tonight [double viking]
Vampire in your ear: The top five songs from the “Twilight” soundtracks [celebrity cafe]
Accidentally scary: Nine unintentionally terrifying movie moments [after elton]
Kah-ching: There’s another Kim Kardashian sex tape on the way [evil beet]
Today’s hottest hottie: Aaron Matthias [oh la la]
Unless, of course, you prefer: 1990s hotties [berry]
Awkwaaaard: Katy Perry and Russell Brand were both at the Lakers game with other people [socialite life]
Unsurprisingly: Ellen is going to be Sofia Vergara for Halloween [towleroad]
Meanwhile: Miley Cyrus is Nicki Minaj [amy grindhouse]
In case you want details: How Tina Simpson found out Joe Simpson was gay [allie]
Subconscious reference? Listen to One Direction’s “Little Things” [tabloid prodigy]
And if you like ’em beardy: Listen to Passenger’s new single “Let Her Go” [arjan]
A step in the right direction: Dallas County has officially approved domestic partnerships [joe]

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