!! Andrea is ‘Canada’s Top Crazy Bitch’ !!

If awkward Andrea doesn’t get to be Canada’s Next Top Model, she has the potential to be a former-Top-Model-contestant-blogger like Elise, except way crazier. All the CNTM contestants have to keep blogs during the show, most of which are terribly boring, but check out the most recent entry from Andrea:

Today we had a photo shoot and I have some strong feelings towards Tricia and Sima, to a lesser degree. You see, we all have been drilled about being on our best behavior while working at a photo shoot. But then we all see Tricia and Sima laughing like immature children almost every time we saw them together. I think it is okay for Sima to laugh, but the host of the show? I think Tricia should start living up to all of the strong vocabulary she uses when judging us!
I would like to talk mainly about the fact that because there are now so few girls in the house and the number is getting smaller, how much my space is being invaded. Now my space is not even being invaded so much by the other girls as you would think, but rather the Goddamned cameras instead. I have no privacy. I cannot change without the camera guys literally going outside my window to tape me naked. I mean that is a little much. And today I wanted five f**king minutes to enjoy some chocolate that I brought myself to this house and I couldn’t even do that without being watched. I have never been under as much stress as this show has made for me. A nice little bit of quiet time with some of my favourite snack and treats should really not be such an issue. Leave me, the f**k, alone or I will leave!
Today is judging day and I really think I want to go home. I am totally sick of this bullshit lifestyle. I mean I cannot have a snack, change my clothes, go to the washroom, take a walk, etc., etc., without f**king cameras in my face. I just want to sleep in and not have to worry about being under such crazy surveillance.

Don’t give her any stilettos; she’s gonna kill somebody! Let her eat her chocolates in peace.

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2 Comments on "Andrea is ‘Canada’s Top Crazy Bitch’"

  1. Andrea is very hard to like. She is like a child, but her temperament is of an abused child who soothes herself with candy, and lashes out verbally under stress. She is liable to freak out one day after a stressful day of photo shoots, shows, or castings, and do something extreme. She is going to need a good therapist if she is going to last in high-fashion modeling.

  2. whatevs andrea, go home and take brandy with you, CNTM belongs to Sisi.

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