!! OMG, why not wear it? anGostura’s Madonna-approved jewellery !!

Madonna wears anGostura jewelryYou’ve got to hand it to Mother Madge—she still knows how to make a statement.

In the recent Icons issue of Vanity Fair Italia, Madonna wore a selection of beguiling jewellery by the Rome-based brand anGostura. Guess that’s one way to give the finger to her critics!

Giulia Tavani, the designer behind anGostura, creates a selection of entrancing handmade pieces from nose rings and necklaces to its back-ordered body jewelry.

Kinda creepy thanks to their realism, the wares point to our fascination with the tangible in a metaverse-obsessed world.

Check out our favorite styles after the jump!

anGostura finger jewelryTavani is also a co-founder of the accessory line Inan, which offers embellished styles that are on the milder side of the armour looks we told you about a few months back.

anGostura chain mailleBut for those more serious about adornment, anGostura’s offerings also enter into the arena of outré, like this daring set of digits.


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And Madonna’s not the only pop icon who’s been spotted in these striking pieces—Janet Jackson also wore the brand’s rings in an issue of Allure last year.

Janet Jackson wears anGostura jewelryRecent Vogue cover star Erykah Badu often rocks anGostura—and Miley Cyrus, Mahmood and Bad Bunny are also fans.

Bad Bunny wears anGostura jewelrySpeaking of celebs, anGostura collaborated with New York-based creative Christian Cowan on jewelry for his Fall 2022 season.

Cowan’s recent runway show for Fall 2023 was a star system unto itself with Orville PeckTeyana Taylor, Lil Nas X and Sam Smith holding court f-row.

Orville Peck, Teyana Taylor, Sam Smith, Lil Nas X at the Christian Cowan runway show

Stay tuned for more of our favorite fashion month moments coming soon…

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  1. What is tired is reading comments from trolls. They sit behind there PC and put down people who are much more successful and entertaining than they ever would be. Get some help and better social skills you both need it. The world needs less haters and more love. GROW UP!

  2. These pictures are gorgeous!!
    Love the jewels too. To me it’s weird how much hate she gets, she isn’t hurting anyone and just enjoying life making her own decisions. Been an icon for 4 decades and still is one to this day

  3. Madonna is tired!!! Her plastic surgery is hideous. Honestly I thought it was Pete Burns (who was a great icon), but she’s going in that direction with plastic surgery. Grow old gracefully. No one is attacking her for her age, it’s her bad choices in plastic surgery. Ewwww.

  4. Lol, She is so thirsty to be relevant!

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