!! OMG, it’s out now: ‘Volume’ EP by Antoine93 !!

Antoine93 Volume cover art
Summer 2020 is full of feelings, and they’re exploding out of the songs on Antoine93’s Volume EP, released today. From the bright-eyed resilience of the lead single “For Real” to the patient searching of “Where 2 Go,” this fun collection of pop anthems is held together by a tension that’s released through thick, punchy synth production and Antoine’s agile vocals.

Half the sales proceeds of Volume will go to Taking What We Need, a Montreal-based, volunteer-run community group dedicated to helping trans women, trans-feminine (AMAB) and Two-spirited people get what they need through discretionary funding.

Buy Volume on Bandcamp or listen on Spotify.

PLUS: Watch the video for “For Real” after the jump.

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  1. Cute. Brought to you by Auto Tune.

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