!! OMG, a webcomic: ‘Gay Men to…’ by Dylan Glynn !!

Gay Men to Gay Men by Dylan Glynn

This is the first installment of “Gay Men to…” a series of beautiful, clever hand-painted webcomics by artist Dylan Glynn, premiering exclusively on OMG.BLOG.

In Glynn’s words:

“Gay men to…” started as a comedic observation of conflict in the gay men’s community (“Gay Men to Gay Men”), but then started to branch out to other identities. It makes me think of how gender and sexual identities exist in relation to one another, the tensions and threads that run through some identities and, simultaneously, the walls that divide (“protect”?) them from one another.

Each installment will consist of three four-panel observations. Check out “Gay Men to Straight Men” and “Gay Men to Straight Women” after the jump!

Gay Men to Straight Men by Dylan Glynn

Gay Men to Straight Women by Dylan Glynn

Dylan Glynn (@dylanglynn.mov) is a painter, author and animator based out of Toronto, Canada. His multidisciplinary practice includes a broad selection of traditional media (watercolor, pastel, collage, pen and ink), 2d cel-animation, and Photoshop, unified by Glynn’s signature application, which he describes as “one-shot, first-thought best-thought, perfectly imperfect.”

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1 Comment on "OMG, a webcomic: ‘Gay Men to…’ by Dylan Glynn"

  1. I really like it!!!! I love OMG BLOG!, But if you guys let him post in other forums or media, I think they will gain traction.

    They are honest pieces of work, I admit that I do sometimes I use to trash women, something I feel guilty about and will avoid in the future.

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