!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Aphex Twin uploads 6 new tracks online !!

As Resident Advisor points out, James has uploaded six new tracks to the user18081971 SoundCloud page in the past week. The songs are all relatively digestible — between three and seven minutes long — and all of them are genuinely pretty.

The tracks “qu 1″ and “s8v1 [brooklyn]” are emotive, gut-sick ambient music. “Tha2 [world scam mix]” and “prememory100N pt2″ are pulsing, reassuring electro. One, “tha2,” sounds like the score from an ’80s sci-fi movie. And the only one that really sounds like the squiggling, playful, disorienting version of Aphex Twin is “m11st lon,” and even that one is relatively restrained. All six tracks are well worth your time.

Check out new music from Aphex Twin after the jump!

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