!! Appear on ‘The L Word’ !!

This is a good week for television with Ugly Betty coming back to us tomorrow night on ABC and season 4 of The L Word premiering this Sunday on Showtime. We’re finally going to find out what happens to Bette after she kidnaps the baby!
Of course the only thing better than watching The L Word is being a guest star in season 5 and meeting the cast! It’s not cheap, but you could have the opportunity to do both if you win Queer Lounge’s eBay charity auction.

If you’re the winner, you will be part of the filming on the day of your set visit, and you (and up to one guest) can meet some of the actors that are working that day, tour the production facility, eat lunch with the crew and get a first-hand behind-the scenes look at how one of television’s hottest series gets filmed.

This amazing package is presented courtesy of Showtime Networks Inc and the executive producers of The L Word, and the proceeds from this auction will benefit Queer Lounge, a non-profit organization that supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) film towards reaching, inspiring and educating broad audiences. Proceeds will go to the Queer Lounge program in Park City, Utah where Queer Lounge provides a physical space for LGBT filmmakers and promotion of LGBT film through educational panels, film program guides and special events during Sundance, a major film festival. This coming festival, Queer Lounge will be introducing an initiative to educate lesbian filmmakers about online opportunities for filmed content.

So pull out your wallet because it’s for a good cause (lesbians) and it could help your rise to fame!

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