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!! OMG, WATCH: The trailer for gay period drama “Tell It To The Bees” starring Anna Paquin is here !!

Get ready for the bird and the… birds! Anna Paquin returns to the big screen in lesbian period love drama!

“Dr. Jean Markham (Anna Paquin) returns to the town she left as a teenager to take over her late father’s medical practice. When a school-yard scuffle lands Charlie (Gregor Selkirk) in her surgery, she invites him to visit the hives in her garden and tell his secrets to the bees, as she once did. The new friendship between the boy and the bee keeper brings his mother Lydia (Holliday Grainger) into Jean’s world. In the sanctuary of the doctor’s house the two women find themselves dram to one another in a way that Jean recognizes and fears, and Lydia could never have expected. But, in 1950’s small-town Britain, their new secret can’t say hidden forever.”

Can’t wait to get stung! Check out the trailer above!

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!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: King Princess samples Kim Cattrall’s scatting obsession on ‘Kim’s Big Scat Part 1’ !!

If you haven’t yet become acquainted with Kim Cattrall‘s scatting obsession she shares with her former hubby Mark in this iconic video below – then DO THAT NOW (it’s very Jan from ‘The Office’)! Then, have a listen to King Princess finding inspiration in it with a sample off her new album with Kim’s Big Scat Part 1 after the jump! A shooby-doob-a-dobba-darray!


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!! OMG, Ellen Page doubles down on Chris Pratt ‘anti-LGBTQ’ church claim: ‘There aren’t two sides’ !!

Ellen Page responds to criticisms of her comments on Chris Pratt’s silence on his anti-LGBTQ church. Chris Pratt goes to Zoe Church, which was based on the anti-LGBTQ church Hillsong. His pastor Chad Veach, told the NY Times in March 2018 that he created his church after Hillsong. Check out Page’s tweet after the jump!


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!! OMG, WATCH: Ellen Page rips Pence and Trump, linking hateful leadship to attack on Jussie Smollett in powerful interview !!

Wow. Ellen Page stopped by Colbert and ripped the president and vice president a new asshole for facilitating hate against LGBTQ people. Good for her for using her voice! She was not fucking around.

“Sorry, I’m like really fired up tonight. But it feels impossible to not feel this way right now, with the president and the vice president, Mike Pence, who, like, wishes I couldn’t be married. Let’s just be clear: The vice president of America wishes I didn’t have the love with my wife. He wanted to ban that in Indiana, he believes in ‘conversion therapy,’ he has hurt LGBTQ people so badly as the [governor] of Indiana.”

Added Page:

“Connect the dots. This is what happens. If you are in a position of power and you hate people, and you want to cause suffering to them, you go through the trouble, you spend your career trying to cause suffering, what do you think is going to happen? Kids are going to be abused and they’re gonna kill themselves, and people are going to be beaten on the street. I have traveled the world and I have met the most marginalized people you can meet. I am lucky to have this time and the privilege to say this. This needs to f**king stop.”

Check out what she had to say above!

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!! OMG, good news: Rapper CupcakKe is safe and being taken care of after posting an unsettling tweet last night !!

So, LGBTQ rapper CupcakKe , who’s known for rapping about frank sexuality and body positivity, sent out a scary tweet late last night stating “im about to commit suicide.” and then also posted a screenshot to her Instagram of her tweet with this caption: “Thank you for everything y’all have done for me I really appreciate it.” Obiously her fans freaked out and people were very worried for CupcakKe, who’s real name is Elizabeth Harris, but you’ll all be happy to know that she is now safe in a Chicago hospital.

After CupcakKe posted that tweet, more than 12,000 people — including celebrities like Kathy Griffin, Iggy Azalea, and CupcakKe collaborator Charli XCX — tweeted messages of support to her. Some also alerted the Chicago police report, who went to check in on CupcakKe. The BBC reports that Chicago police checked in on her several times and, when they got in touch with her, took her to an area hospital. The Chicago Police Department tells the BBC, “Officers went out a few times to check on Elizabeth. Once they got in touch with her, they took her to hospital — not for her injuries — but for a mental evaluation.”

We’re so happy to hear CupcakKe is safe and sound and that she’s getting the help she needs! Send Elizabeth the love she deserves today.

[via stereogum]

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!! OMG, YES! Ellen Page and queer, female cast will do ‘Casablanca’ live reading for charity !!

Actor Ellen Page is doing a gay version of Casablanca for a live-reading of the classic in downtown Los Angeles. The classic film will be reimagined with a queer, diverse female cast in a table reading directed by Jason Reitman, the director of Juno.

“Live Read of Casablanca (1942),” which will take place at the Ace Theatre in downtown Los Angeles December 13, will benefit LGBTQ grassroots activists through the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice.

Tickets for the one-night only performance, ranging from $30 to $150, are on sale.

“ ‘Casablanca is such an iconic film and screenplay with some of the most famous lines in film history,” Page said in a telephone interview with Q Voice News Tuesday.

“It’s also one of the most iconic romance movies. We wanted to show a more inclusive cast. We will have a queer and female cast,” said Page, who identifies as a lesbian and came out in 2014 at an LGBTQ youth conference in Las Vegas.

Grab your tickets HERE!

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!! OMG, don't miss these !!