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!! OMG, Brandi Glanville spills more tea about her alleged affair with Denise Richards !!

This is so HOT! We love it. Denise and Brandi have been bumping behind close doors and we are HERE for it! Dlisted has the full details, but some of Brandi’s claims here and after the jump!

“We went to dinner and Denise is sitting across from me and the whole time she is looking at my boobs,” she alleged. “Then our agent left because it was getting late for him, but we stayed because we were having a great time, we were hitting it off.”

She continued, “And then Denise said to me, ‘Oh my God, does it seem like I’ve been looking at your boobs all night?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, pretty much.’”

Denise then told Brandi that she was thinking of getting a boob job, and would love to get a better look at the work Brandi had done. What a move!

“We went into the bathroom and I showed her my boobs and right when I took my shirt down,” Glanville alleged. “She just kind of threw me against the wall and started making out with me.”


!! OMG, Cara Delevingne, Kaia Gerber get cozy during Black Lives Matter protest !!


Delevingne, 27, and Gerber, 18, attended a Black Lives Matter rally in Los Angeles on Wednesday. The two young women got very close in a few pictures. Back in May, Delevingne broke up with Ashley Benson. This could be a very cute couple!

!! OMG, Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated’s Velma is a lesbian, producer confirms !!

“I’ve said this before, but Velma in Mystery Incorporated is not bi. She’s gay,” the producer wrote. “We always planned on Velma acting a little off and out of character while she was dating Shaggy because that relationship was wrong for her and she had unspoken difficulty with the why. There are hints about the why in that episode with the mermaid, and if you follow the entire Marcie arc it seems as clear as we could make it 10 years ago. I don’t think Marcie and Velma had time to act on their feelings during the main timeline, but post reset, they are a couple.”

– Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated producer Tony Cervone confirmed Velma Dinkley was written as gay, though they could only show so much 10 years ago.

[via cbr]

!! OMG, new stop-motion short “Coming Out” features Godzilla and child having “the conversation” !!

The official Godzilla account shared this cute “Coming Out” short made by trans stop-motion animator Cressa Maeve Beer. Check it out above!

!! OMG, “It’s Nikki Blonsky from the movie HAIRSPRAY”, and …I’m coming out on TikTok! !!


Hi, it’s Nikki Blonsky from the movie I’m Gay! ##pride ##imcomingout ##hairspray

♬ I’m Coming Out – Diana Ross

Nikki Blonsky, the star of the 2007 film adaptation of John WatersHairspray, has come out as gay in a TikTok dance video set to the Diana Ross disco classic “I’m Coming Out.” Congrats to Nikki and welcome to the club! We want to see that same energy back on Twitter!

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