!! OMG, WATCH: Armie Hammer doc/exposé may be the nail in his kink scandal coffin !!

It’s one thing to be a kinky fuck, but it’s another to step into cannibalism and impose things on others when they aren’t into it – obviously. Check out the dark story of Armie’s family and his unsettling sexual side in the HAMMER HOUSE trailer after the NSFW jump!

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10 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Armie Hammer doc/exposé may be the nail in his kink scandal coffin"

  1. Okay, one question…Did these women CONSENT?
    If they did then this is nothing more than kink shaming and it sucks.
    If they didn’t then why haven’t they filed charges?

  2. So he has a BDSM fetish like a significant portion of the population. He’s being slut-shamed by people who willingly participated in his fantasies so they can get their 15 minutes. His kinks were relatively tame based on this promo for an obviously exploitative film. Why are people so gleeful to see someone’s life ruined for no good reason?

  3. There are actual crimes, and there are the “thought” police. This is the latter, and it’s no less dangerous than the religious right or any other extremists. From what I have read, and based on legal decisions, his crime was just being honest and trusting about his fantasies – came back to bite him in the ass. I’m not really sure he’s a guy I’d like, but he’s not guilty of actions, just thoughts.

  4. Oh, we may finally get to see his beautiful cock!

    • How do you know it’s beautiful?
      (Yeah, it’s probably beautiful.)

      What a stupid shame. I guess we will never get that sequel to CMBYN, which truly sucks.

  5. Yet they all loved 50 Shades, thought it was HOT, but in real life they are repulsed by some sadomasochistic psycho.

  6. using HAMMER in a way that may make one think of Hammer horror film company is sad.
    Also, his story is NOT interesting. People can be weird and he’s one of them.
    I think the story is overblown and quite stupid.

    His career is ruined. Get over it. Move on. Depp’s career should have suffered the same fate, but morons believed his lies. He’s an abusive prick.

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