!! OMG candy: Big-screen peen in ‘Sex Education’ !!

Asa ButterfieldThe fourth and final season of Sex Education is now out on Netflix, and everyone is wondering about the scene that heavily features Asa Butterfield‘s penis. We get a fantastic look at his butt this season, but unsurprisingly his character’s peen is stealing the show.

In the season four opener, Asa Butterfield’s character Otis accidentally projects a huge image of his penis to a classroom full of students. As Asa fumbles to take his personal dick pics off of the big screen, he actually ends up scrolling through a half dozen or so of them as the class critiques the goods.

Of course, we would all like for this to actually be Asa Butterfield’s manhood, but sadly a body double was enlisted for the scene, which might just go down as the best scene in all of Sex Education. Who is this mystery man? Asking for a friend!

Check it all out after the NSFW jump!

Watch this scene and more right here.

BONUS shots of Asa in Season 1:

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7 Comments on "OMG candy: Big-screen peen in ‘Sex Education’"

  1. Oh wow, i love the scenario and selfies. cute booty, too!

  2. Wee Willy Winky

  3. That is one of the cutest bubble butts I’ve seen. Love the dimples too. At least that ASS is his, even if the dick isn’t

  4. Is it real???

  5. The ass has the same mole that he has in his back so at least that ass is real. Guess it got juicier with his weight gain. One of my early crushes tbh, would still fuck his brains out.

  6. Oh wow he has a cute lil bubble butt on him. Nice

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