!! Ashton gets examined !!

Mario Testino photographed Ashton Kutcher for the latest issue of V Man magazine. It’s a futuristic theme, with some robot concept dreamed up by the ever-creative Ashton, but more importantly, there is a nice shot of Ashton in his underwear. See the rest of the (fully clothed) shots over at Boy Culture if you’re interested!

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7 Comments on "Ashton gets examined"

  1. Hm. I never liked him much, but I have to admit he looks good. Still wouldn’t hit it, though.

  2. There are few boys/men out there who look as good as Ashton does in his underwear. It’s his calling.

  3. It looks like a budge from one of those “bulge enhancer” undergarments! (http://www.shopinprivate.com/daburwipform.html)
    Especially since Ashton is rumored to have a small one.
    Although he is kind of hot in the picture but I have to agree with the post from “hid”. His personally wrecks everything. He’s such a dork. This is why models should only be seen and not heard! lol!

  4. God he’s such a douche.

  5. honestly, ashton does nothing for me. don’t get me wrong, he’s (sorta) hot. but the personality is just lacking, in my opinion.

  6. even with all his years in modeling this the first picture that shows hes cut

  7. You can see the outline of his dick…

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