!! OMG, how deadly: Buying pets !!

PETA tells us in its usual subtle way to always adopt your pet, never buy from a breeder. (via Feyfriends)
One website that makes adopting as fun as online dating is Petfinder.com. It’s like Manhunt except it’s not about sex and the cuteness ratio is much higher. It’s where we found our pweshus Anderson Pooper (pictured below)!

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16 Comments on "OMG, how deadly: Buying pets"

  1. HE IS SSSSSOOOO CUTE!!!!! Anderson Pooper that is. He should me my Taffy. It could be match made in kitty heaven.

  2. Anderson is so cute. OMG deserves it! =)

  3. AKC-registered purebreeds are inbred by definition. It’s a closed registry: once the standards are established and the original group is taken in, new blood cannot enter, only leave. Only direct descendants of the original group may be registered. The inbreeding has a tendency to cause health issues that differ by breed.

  4. Austin,
    Sorry, but your argument is totally LAME. How many people out there do you know who are on-the-fence about adopting a kid or getting a pet? Besides which, they’re not mutually exclusive.
    The whole “there are people suffering in the world, why should I give a shit about animals’ suffering” argument is tired, it’s disingenuous, and its logic is fallacious. Getting a shelter animal instead of a purebred doesn’t preclude adopting a child; choosing not to eat veal for ethical reasons doesn’t lead to human starvation or poverty elsewhere. And to decide to show a certain measure of concern for the lives of animals is not the same thing as claiming animals’ equality with humans. I’d drown a sack of ten kittens if it saved the life of a human child. But, unlike you, I wouldn’t enjoy doing it.
    Okay, that last dig was pretty childish.

  5. Before we bought our puppy, we met with the breeder. We got to know how she did her job and we know we don’t have an inbred dog.
    It’s a shame that animals die in shelters, but I’m not really worried about those animals. There are a ton of abused and neglected kids in foster care and child services that need a good home. What’s more important? Those kids or those animals?
    I’d rather adopt a kid than one of those animals.

  6. While this may make good sense, this commercial makes it seem like a pure breed dog from a breeder deserves a home less than a shelter dog.

  7. Dogster.com and catster.com are also super cute sites that have a lot of dogs and cats available for adoption

  8. Anderson Pooper is sooo handsome! That photo melts my heart. He’s gotta be a gay cat (like his namesake?). He’s just too beautiful to be straight.

  9. The problem with “getting a pure breed” is that usually that dog is not the thoroughbread you think he/she is. Most of those dogs are inbred, and more diseased with hereditary disorders than any dog in a shelter. If you must have a purebred dog, then you can also adopt through a rescue service.

  10. Not to be too inflammatory, but to the guys talking about how mutts are yucky: EWW. You are icky.
    Also, generally speaking mutts are healthier and live longer than overbred purebreeds.
    If you are obsessed with a particular breed, the least you can do is try to find one through the hundreds of single-breed animal rescue groups out there.

  11. diamondtattoo | March 18, 2008 at 12:21 pm | Reply

    Does that include all the animals PETA puts down each year?

  12. Thanks for helping to spread the message. Folks can check out some of the other great videos at http://www.peta.org
    Going vegetarian is another way to do something great not only for the animals, but for your own health and the environment!

  13. why adopt someone else’s problem, you will only have to take the thing back again and then the kids will be upset cause they have lost a pet,
    just buy a good pure breed from the start

  14. OMG I love Anderson Pooper

  15. Such a handsome kitty! And how’d you catch such a great “portrait” pose?

  16. Let’s see… pure breed, show quality dog compared to some mutt that might have God knows what.
    I’ll take the pure breed.

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