!! Bad news for Mariah Carey !!

Why does everybody gotta rain on Mariah Carey‘s parade? Her tickets aren’t even that expensive, yet no one is buying them. She’s already had to cancel three dates on her upcoming tour because of low ticket sales.
Perhaps The Emancipation of Mimi wasn’t up to the public’s expectations. I really like that “Shake It Out” song, but I admit I’d rather go see Emmylou Harris (which I did last night and it was awesome. Photos forthcoming).
Mariah is currently out on the talk show circuit promoting the hell out of her tour, trying to scrape together a few more concert-goers. I will simply send out this warning to everybody though: if Mariah’s tour doesn’t sell well, she might go craaaaaaaaazzzzy! Like “pushing an ice cream” cart crazy. Remember when Glitter bombed at the box office? Don’t let that happen to her again!

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2 Comments on "Bad news for Mariah Carey"

  1. Poor Mariah. But, that’s what she gets for trying to act like a Diva. You wanna see a GREAT show, try Madonna’s Confession World Tour. Now THAT is a show. To all the Sheep…err Lamb people, forget about Mariah, and go see the real Diva, Madonna. Well worth the $360. You may also get ideas to give to mimi.

  2. U dont need 2 Know My fuckin name! | June 22, 2006 at 2:14 pm | Reply

    You are a worthless piece of SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    First of al the three shows Mariah cancelled were because she wanted to have shows t bigger venues not becuz of low ticket sales. Leave the woman alone and go about your god damned life BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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