!! OMG, WATCH: Bailey Mills has a ‘Dazed’ Day Out !!

UK drag anomaly Bailey Mills has our heart with her horny Velma clips – and it only waterfalled from there, babes!

For Dazed Day Out, Bailey J Mills takes us to the park, to check out one of the “best dogging spots in the UK” and to investigate the urban legend of a mermaid living in the river. After that, it’s carnage at the local library and a quick chat with a horny stranger over Omegle on the public computers, before Bailey has to make a swift exit. Along the way, we also get to hear firsthand about Bailey’s rise to viral fame, from the cultural differences they experienced when they went from performing in small towns to big cities, to how they’re navigating “staying true” to themself as a performer through parenthood.

Check out Bailey’s Dazed Day out after the jump!

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  1. Not remotely amusing. Yikes.

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