!! OMG, gossip: Baseballs players go viral for grabbing each other’s schlongs on live TV !!

It was a home-run! [gay fleshbot NSFW]

Sarah Gilbert leaves The Talk [instinct]

Ryan Reynolds says he’d consider wearing a Billy Porter-style gown to the Oscars ‘He made that look good.’ [towleroad]

Elisabeth Moss wants to talk about the good parts of Scientology, (not the abusive, life-ruining parts) [dlisted]

Twitter CEO says he only eats one meal a day and doesn’t eat all weekend [celebitchy]

Chris Evans is back with his beard and filming Defending Jacob [lainey]

BRB. Booking my trip to Israel [gayety]

OMG, remember how sexy Dennis Quaid was? [boy culture]

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6 Comments on "OMG, gossip: Baseballs players go viral for grabbing each other’s schlongs on live TV"

  1. Quaid is still sexy.

  2. Good riddance to Sarah Gilbert she owes her career to Roseanne and cowardly stood against Roseanne to look politically correct everyone knows she doesnt have the talent or looks to be on tv. Roseanne gave her the platform for a career and she couldnt even stand by her in a tough moment of her career f u sara gilbert

    • screw off bot! Roseanne is a stupid cow. she ruined her own life. let Israel have her.
      BTW, like her bank account, she has more talent than YOU!

      • Robot and all. The only reason ABC brought Roseanne back was $$$$$. They knew what they were getting as well as everyone connected to her.

        • mol the troll, day off from sucking putin’s little wee-wee? What does that have to do with the amount of time you spend sucking?

    • Everything Roseanne said was despicable. Sometimes loving someone means holding them accountable for the damaging crap they do.

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