!! OMG, Cutest Animals of 2009! !!

Because it is the end of the year, my job as your host of OMG Blog is obvs to make lots and lots of end-of-the-year lists! Um, I’m getting to it. I swear and everything. But f*ck, it’s Christmas, I just spilled coffee all over my mother’s precious carpet, I still have to buy a bunch of people presents, my sister needs a ride to the dentist, and I really don’t have time for this crap! So instead I’m going to link to other people’s great end of the year lists! Gabe at Videogum has one that should have been right in my wheelhouse– if only I’d gotten around to it. The 13 Cutest Animals of 2009. (Above is #11.) Thanks for doing my job for me, other blogs!

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