!! OMG, quote of the day: Billie Eilish says she hates adult film and that it “destroyed” her brain !!

“As a woman, porn is a disgrace, I used to watch a lot of p*rn. I started watching porn when I was 11,” Eilish said, “I didn’t understand why it was bad. I thought that’s how you learned how to have sex… I was an advocate and I thought I was ‘one of the guys’…I’m so angry that p*rn is so loved… The way vaginas look in p*rn is fucking crazy. No vaginas look like that…”

Billie Eilish, on being OVAH adult film! The singer has said she loved it to begin with, but eventually it “destroyed” her brain. Do you agree, OMG? Did parna kill yer brains?

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8 Comments on "OMG, quote of the day: Billie Eilish says she hates adult film and that it “destroyed” her brain"

  1. No vaginas look like that??? Ummm, then how do they all look like that in porn??!! Lol plus, yes a lot of regular women’s look like that too LMAO tell us you have a funky vagina, without telling us you have a funky vagina

  2. I love Billie but there are so many things wrong with this post, starting with an 11 year old watching porn followed by “that’s how you learn to have sex.” Sounds like the parents were COMPLETELY missing in action. And what’s next? Meat shaming for those of us who eat meat? And it can go on and on and on. No thank you.

  3. who spat in rugby8’s cereal? lol

  4. There ain’t no vagina in the porn I watch!!

  5. There’s a reason children shouldn’t watch porn. Her parents failed in one of their basic duties to protect their children.

  6. What a RIDICULOUS quote from Billie Eilish! Why would you give her a platform to spew such crap?
    I have felt, for over 40 years, that porn is a person’s choice.
    You want to see it? See it
    You want to make money doing it? Do it.
    You want your kids not to see.it? Restrict your Internet.
    To tell others they shouldn’t be allowed to, or to promote the opinion of someone who feels that way is ludicrous.
    “I’m sorry – my dad is an alcoholic, and booze fucked up his life – therfore, people shouldn’t be able to buy it ”
    Another perspective from the current generation – which reinforces their selfish, self-centered mentality. “I don’t like it, so you shouldn’t be able to have it.”
    What a narrow, ludicrous point of view.

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