!! OMG, gossip: Billy Dee Williams comes out as gender fluid !!

Congrats! Better late than never! [boy culture]

Rosario from Will & Grace has passed away [instinct]

Dakota Johnson didn’t let Ellen bully her on her show like everyone else and things got tense [celebitchy]

Elizabeth Warren shares tearful exchange with LGBTQ teen [towleroad]

Greg Sulkin‘s in his underwear for FLAUNT Mag [socialite life]

Matt Smith might be dating Claire Foy after splitting from his girlfriend [dlisted]

Carloto Cotta‘s BDE! [gay fleshbot NSFW]

Brazilian mom sentenced for killing her gay son [mv]

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3 Comments on "OMG, gossip: Billy Dee Williams comes out as gender fluid"

  1. I wish Gregg Sulkin was in more movies and such. He is so hot and to see him nude on screen would be amazing. This photo shoot is old and have loved ot since it came out but still never get tired of seeing it. I wish his nudes would leak besides the one “rumored” to be his with no proof.

  2. I love that Dakota stood her own against mean girl Ellen. There are MANY celebrity stories all pointing to Ellen’s dark side. When the camera is off, RUN! There was a famous story that hit the MSM several years back about her infamous poker night. She is serious about poker, and often hosts poker parties at her home. One night during such an event, one of her guest was not taking the game seriously, and Eleen’s bipolar side surfaced. She berated the woman until the guest got up and ran out of Ellen’s home. The other guests were in shock over Ellen’s behavior.

    It is said Seinfeld can’t stand her and hates to work with her.

    Kathy Griffin also mentions Ellen in her A-Z celebrity book, and it is not favorably. She is a bully, and I hope she drops off the interview scene and finds whatever makes the monster inside her happy.

  3. Hello-

    I think there are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many terms nowadays to
    describe human sexuality. i don’t get it just decided he’s gender fluid
    after almost 80 years? it seems trendy now to describe one’s self as
    gender fluid or gender queer.

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