19 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Bodybuilder and fitness model Josh Watson"

  1. you guys know he does porn right? he does a tagteam with other hunks, pounding a featured female porn star

  2. One of the few OF guys I’ve actually bought. It’s worth it. For the longest he would only post nudes with his face covered or entirely cropped.

  3. He’s fine. Nice ass, especially. But it’s obvious the pics have been edited heavily. And he’s low on the masculinity scale with his baby-bald crotch.

  4. A thick bush would look so good on that Greek god

  5. I download his content only to watch his ass

  6. There’s something very unsexy about a guy who knows he is sexy. Maybe that’s just me.

  7. Facial hair can work wonders with an otherwise nondescript face.

  8. So…the two in the T-shirt and the one in the underwear — who did the photoshopping on them? Was you guys or were they already photoshopped when you received them? I mean, it’s grossly obvious that they have been. It’s funny that some people don’t realize that most everyone nowadays knows how they look when they have been. He’s fine as f**k and looks well hung already so why bother redoing them?

  9. He’s on OnlyFans as mrmuscle if you wanna see more!

  10. Holy moly. Thank you.

  11. He’s not super attractive in the face BUTT his body and BWC make up for it and he just gained a fan.

  12. bodybuilder bodies not cute.
    shaved/trimmed bush, no cute

    • TOTALLY depends on one’s perspective. I mean – that is, after all, just your opinion. There’s TONS & TONS of people who would strongly disagree. AND seeing as just how many guys DO shave, trim, manscape and how widely popular it’s become (the term alone became mainstream) I’d say there’s far mor people FOR trimming than there are against it.


  14. High maintenance.

  15. Wow really nice body

  16. Danny Baba Ganouch | September 1, 2023 at 7:19 pm | Reply


  17. Fu$&@&$ he’s fine!

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