!! OMG, wet underwear contest: British models take a trip to a Thai beach !!

Box Underwear Brandon Myers and Max Wyatt

This is a guest post from our friends at Box Menswear.

Life’s a beach hey? It is if you’re a model for Box Menswear, the men’s underwear brand that finds sexy male models who like to slip down and show off their very best bulge. Box sent us some pictures today of Max Wyatt & Brandon Myers: a pair of well known Instagram influencers who make their money showing off their glorious lifestyles (and physiques) online. While Max is entirely online born, Brandon first found fame on the MTV show Ex On The Beach with his giant D in see-through underwear.

Max Wyatt can often to be found posting exotic and beautiful videos of beaches and sunsets, but he’s hardly your usual travel blogger. Against beautiful global backdrops, you’ll also find videos of semi hard bulge bouncing down some stairs while wearing white football shorts and not much else, and we love it.

Max Wyatt in Box Underwear

As well as Max being a bit of a show off, the blond British boy is a big-time party boy, he is often documenting his island hopping across the world from Ibiza to Marbella, as well as taking in some gay hotspots like Mykonos, where it seems every 10/10 self-discerning gay guy goes on holiday these days.

This isn’t the first time Max has worked with Box, as this cheeky chap created his very own collection of shorts and briefs for the brand. You might even recognise him from his naked pics earlier this year.

Brandon is also no stranger to risqué shoots, and was seen dropping his towel for a naked shoot for Box. Since appearing on MTV, Myers has grown his social media following. His Insta consists of pics of holidays to the most unreal destinations like Ibiza and Tenerife, intertwined with naughty selfies, flexing his tattooed muscles. His feed is definitely worth a follow.

Brandon Myers Box Underwear

With over 270,000 followers on Instagram, Box is renowned for their Instagram full of sexy selfies of guys modelling their underwear range. From briefs to boxers, swimwear to socks, Box has everything needed to dress for a long hot summer. Oh, and there’s some sexy models thrown in for good measure!

See the rest of soaking wet photoshoot after the NSFW jump!

Max Wyatt wet underwearMax Wyatt briefs

Jump in the pool: Myers and Wyatt take a dip in their Box briefs
What better location to shoot on than the dreamy Hat Rin Beach? Infamous for the “Full Moon Party” that goes all-night, you can see why the boys were quick to slip into their new Box briefs and hop in the water.Brandon Myers wet bulgeMax Wyatt wet underwear

Soaked and see-through: the lads show off their bulges
After lazing around in the basking sun, the guys changed into their Box boxers and posed for more bulge shots. Leaving very little to the imagination, they happily modelled their dripping wet boxer shorts. Who’s complaining though, right?

These sexy classic boxer shorts are available to buy in a wide range of colours, and even a ‘f*ck you’ print and are made from the softest cotton. SO much comfort.Brandon Myers and Max Wyatt wet underwear

Grey day: Max’s underwear matches the sky as the sun sets
As the day drew to a close, the boys jumped in front of the camera one last time. Co-ordinating the colour of his underwear with the stunning backdrop, Max changed into the sleek grey and black trunks, as he poses while the sun goes down. What a way to end the boys’ time on the Thai Beach.

Max Wyatt and Brandon Myers in briefsWhile we can’t promise Max and Brandon will be there, Koh Phangan Thailand is definitely one for the bucket list. Make sure you keep an eye out for Box Menswear’s new releases over the next few months.

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18 Comments on "OMG, wet underwear contest: British models take a trip to a Thai beach"

  1. Ugh! Tattoos are so-oo-o 2010!!!

  2. I found several guys i’d suck off and eat their cum. Cut dick for me only. I would eat their ample loads directly from the sources.

  3. Donald Russell | July 19, 2019 at 2:37 pm | Reply

    Oh yeah he dude with the tats does have a long, very long uncut cock to practice deep-throating on mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeees I wonder if he likes to have his cock sucked????

  4. I’d do the one with the tat’s . Yummy.

  5. wow what an ugly bunch of underwear.

  6. You lost me at “influencer”.

    In my day, we called them “posers”.

  7. The dude with the shorter hair resembles Scottish comedian Larry Dean .. which is convenient because I don’t think there have even been any shirtless pics of Larry online yet. (He is adorable. So yeah I’ve searched. lol)

  8. thanks but no thanks for your boring, clearly-paid-for product placement and the astoundingly ugly underwear it’s advertising.

  9. White briefs on a vapid model. Groundbreaking.

  10. No question as to who’s packing more out of the two lol

  11. Fake bulges if I’ve ever seen one.

  12. Men are slowly but surely turning themselves into women. Their hairless bodies are totally sexless and unmasculine.

  13. Yassss…

  14. Donald Russell | July 18, 2019 at 5:40 pm | Reply

    One thing I like about British Models are they always have a surprise in their shorts! You never know if they’re are cut or uncut! Uncut big fat British Cocks are my favorite! MMMMMMMMMM until they drop them. lolol

  15. Wow. Hideous guys and cheap underwear.

    Why wasn’t this post labeled as the obvious ad that it is? There’s enough online sites posting actual content that I can easily abandon this one. In fact, I shall.

    See ya!

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