!! OMG, Bretman Rock refuses to raise a basic chicken !!

Bretman Rock, famously known for being funny and glamorous is really delivering in this interview.

Hearing them talk about being the hottest girl in church, losing their v-card at Disneyland, refusing to raise basic chickens, and playing Destiny’s Child while their sister played the microphone, is making us LOL!

And we love their PSA to teachers!!!

 If you’re a teacher and you see a boy in makeup, mind your business!


Check it out after the jump, for a good laugh!

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5 Comments on "OMG, Bretman Rock refuses to raise a basic chicken"

  1. Oh good, another fey twink with a glam fetish pretending to be exotic and special. At this rate, they’re not even worth 5 cents, let alone the full dime. As for pronouns, bitch, please.


  2. When one doesn’t know what pronouns are preferred, one has to guess or make something up.
    Sometimes “one” (being me) isn’t going to research such a thing.
    Just not gonna do it! Call me all the names you like:)

  3. Bretman Rock is gnc, but his preferred pronouns are he/him, not they/them. Respect people’s pronouns. Don’t make assumptions – even about gnc folx.

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