!! Britney loses the kids !!

In what could be the least surprising news of the week, Britney Spears has lost custody of her children to their father Kevin Federline. The reasons boiled down to her not attending to any of the court-imposed parenting workshops, and continuing to party like a crazy woman.
It’s almost like she wanted this to happen…

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4 Comments on "Britney loses the kids"

  1. I hope she drug tests Federline. Just because he wasn’t caught with it, doesn’t mean he doesn’t do it. And how nice! The car accident happened in August and they pressed charges on the day of her custody battle! Plus Federline has video of her driving without a valid California Driver’s license! Whoa! She’s a wild one for sure!
    They’ll be a new police unit assigened to hunt down and kill all people driving without valid CA driver’s license and children without seat belts!
    I really hope Spears sticks it to her ex. He even used her mother to stab her in the back. Maybe Britney’s mother was a mommy dearest type!

  2. how cruel and unfair! yes we should give a shit cause this is unfair her parasite husband even stole her children! u should care about unfair situation! piuke!

  3. And we should give a shit, why?

  4. Sounds like the judge took Chris Crocker’s advice a little TOO literally…

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