!! Britney Spears gets happy !!

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GOOD MORNING from Britney Spears and her little orange flowers. Sorry for all the Britney lately, but she just keeps churning out such good stuff!

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2 Comments on "Britney Spears gets happy"

  1. Actually, if it weren’t for that stupid hat/glasses combo (and the fact that she obviously stripped for it on the fly), that picture could actually be considered kinda cute. I mean, she and the Malibu (Promises?) scenery are certainly pretty enough.
    Of course, seeing this cuteness requires forcibly repressing every single other thing you know about her, but it can be done…

  2. Why. Won’t. She. Just. Go. Away?
    She’s a trailer park Barbie. It is just tragic to watch. How sad to be so young yet so totally fried and used up.
    At least Justin made something of himself.

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