!! Britney’s sis has a hot boyfriend !!

Jamie Lynn Spears boyfriend
Jamie Lynn Spears poses here with her boyfriend, who I swear I’ve seen somewhere before [link NSFW]. Anyway, I think he is totally “fire,” as Britney’s husband K-Fed would say. I just hope JLS’s blonde hunk has the sense not to call things “fire,” especially his own shitty rap single.
You didn’t think I would forget the shirtless photo, did you? After the jump.

Jamie Lynn Spears boyfriend
Jamie Lynn Spears boyfriend
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93 Comments on "Britney’s sis has a hot boyfriend"

  1. OMG JAMIE LYNN SPEARS!!! i like love her so much, she deserves some slack I mean like shes going to be a mom and evrything but OMG Jamie if you read this i just want to say i love you and i would give my life for you to be happy even if it is only momentarily!!! i really would, i have pictures of you all over my wall and i cried for hours when i found out you wouldnt do your show :'( but as long as your happy i would give the world to see you in person, i dont care about anyone else, my mom gets mad at me because i spend all of my money on you and ive sold a lot of my old stuff for you but FUCK her!! your all that matters in this world!!

  2. He is a Hottie!

  3. She’s pregnant, haaa. Knew she would take up after her big sister. Can’t blame her. All the the things she hears about Brit, what else does she have to do but make her family look even more stupid.

  4. You Guys Are Like Vultures Waiting For Your prey To Die So You Can Pick At It’s Flesh I Don’t See Why You Can Care So Much About Something As Small As A Pregnancy Even If She Is A Celebrity. If Heard And Read About Alot Of This BS And Don’t See Any Reason To Care About It It’s A Pregnancy Planed Or Not It’s Just A Pregnancy Nothing To Get All Worried About. Sure Your Show Won’t Be On You ‘ll Survived Alot Of My Favourite Shows Have Gotten Canceled I Didn’t Die A Little Inside No I Found Something Else To Watch Or Something Better To Do.

  5. you skanky whore sleeping with that gay dude!jamie lynn how can a baby come out of your small penis you whore! you nasty transvestite getting pregnant. watch the baby come out all deformed because she was really fucked by her dad. her boyfriend isnt hot. he’s ugly as shit. he has a pig nose and his skin looks like a pigs. well i guess you have to be a pig to suck on jamie lynn’s small nuts you prostitute

  6. jamy can lin zoye101 stuped whatcan i say she is

  7. the funny thing is that the guy in the pictures, it is most likley not even his!

  8. hey whats up jamie,i am 13 and i love zoey101 i am so anxious to see the show tonight it is 7:25 and starts at 8:00 i think that you would of said yes you love chase because i think that you would be a cute couple and then you got yourself a good one lol

  9. stupid little bitch so u get ur sluty ass pregnant well i hope ur stisfied with ur ugly cock u been going down on cuz im way hotter than that thing that got smack in the face with a concrete block that feel off a crane no better yet he fell out of the ugly tree in the ugly forest and hit every branch on the way down and hit his ugly face on the ugly ground and got his ugly ass up and wondered what was in the ugly forest and desided to take a swim in the ugly river and got bit by an ugly snake and he lost concentration and got washed down the ugly waterfall and being unlucky (because hes ugly)he hit every ugly rock down the ugly waterfall and at the bottom he hit the ugly barge and he was so ugly he fell off the ugly barge and got stuck in the ugly propeler and got spit out and he was hurt and then rescued but then shot because he was to ugly to live on ugly earth… thats how ugly he is bitch..

  10. OMG!
    YOU moron! we voted for you and you keep posting OLDIES?!

  11. Hey jamie ……. u suck you little whore just like ur sister and that little piece of crap youll be haven

  12. It is not alright that she is pregnant! The stupid little whore is sleeping around and she’s gonna be a trainwreck just like her piece of shit sister……. mom should be ASHAMED of herself. And that guy is a total faggot…. he likes it up the ass. Her career is over till people forget about this…. that should take 10 years, probaly more. And she is no inspiration to anyone! Teen mothers need to keep their clothes on and save it for marriage, like it should be. Curse all you teen whores out there to hell. I hope you get and STD, eat shit, and die. Im out

  13. its ok 4 u to have a baby…….but u could have atleast picked a better guy……..u know he thinks ur just a piece of rich meat if u know what i mean……..i just hope everything comes out ok…and u continue to do ur show..best of luck in life


  15. Yes…this might have been a little mistake in your life, but just keep your head up and know that you have people there for you!
    Don’t worry….everything will be ok in the end! If it’s not ok then that means that it’s not the end!
    With Love, Tonna

  16. bryan boudreau | January 4, 2008 at 11:18 pm | Reply

    jamie i think its alright to have a baby that old but i think when you are a little older that is when the best time of your life will be so im behind about having a baby but just remember what it might do to your life when you get a little older you wont be able to go out and do stuff with your friends and you probally might have to drop out of school im not very sure anyways just think before you have the baby and if you do im behind. Im your age and i know im waiting for a few years too have some fun so anyways justthink and if you do have the baby i think you will be a very good mother. -bryan boudreau

  17. casey is gay he had sex with other men

  18. jaime is sexy

  19. you are a fucking idiot. but you are fine and your pussy isn’t going to be after that baby comes out. but i’ll still screw you


  21. hey jamie lynn spears i hope you and your borfriend do good with the new baby and yes it is a small mistake and keep your head up high god love girl.

  22. omg!!!!!!!!!!! he is fine is that her babys dady

  23. i know it was stupid of Jamie to do this but it will all be ok. she will do her best to be her best and i think she will be a very good mom

  24. jamie darlin dont you listen to a nasty word they have to say! your gonna be a great mom. Teen mothers are just as loving and capable of caring for there children as anyone else! im proud of you for not giving in to the pressure and for keeping your baby, your an inspiration to teen moms every where. keep that head held high and show’em what your made of girl! im behind you all the way!
    ~jerika Hall

  25. I totally support Jamie Lynn. I don’t think that you should have premarital sex but i still support her 100%. i hope that she has a very healthy pregnancy and that everything runs smoothly. I also hope that she does not turn out like her sister because that will be a disaster. I think that JAmie Lynn and Casey will make wonderful loving parents.

  26. r dey cancelling da sho u have i mean i dont care if ur pregnant but ma teacherz think u r a bad influence

  27. Hey Guys, Don’t hate on me, I made a small mistake, and I’ll act like a responsible adult. I can’t say it was something I was planning to do right now, but now that it’s in my lap and that it’s something I have to deal with, I’m looking forward to being the best mom I can be.

  28. My Cousin and I were mad when we heard you were pregnant becuase we wanted to be the one to do that,by the way u have a sexy pussy and tits seen them in a yahoo search


  30. hey jamie that wat stuped of u to have a baby at age 16

  31. She’s pregnant @ 15/16. He’s 19/20. In some states that could be statutory rape. Her southern roots are really telling. At least Britney waited till after she was married to have a baby. Humans sure have not learned a whole lot in 21 centuries. All the modern advances and all the means of birth control avail and still babies are having babies.

  32. i can not belive our pregant

  33. that pieace of crap probley made her pregnat

  34. her boyfriend is not hot..but she is cute

  35. i think he’s ho, jaime sure knows what a good man is, unlike her sis, i ain’t hattin’, just sain da truth.

  36. why would anyone be dumb enough to put their phone number on the web. Speaking of “dumb” learn how to spell moron!
    hey jamie. i think ur soooooo hott. i noe a girl that looks like u. i wanna talk to u n get to noe u just as friends. call me. 562-338-xxxx.
    Posted by: ronnie | May 21, 2007 11:01 PM

  37. i really enjoy watching zoey 101 everybody at home get really anoyyed when i watch it but omg your boyfriend he is oright looking but how old is he your only 15 or is he just tall u know in england ur shows are kept on being reapeted and not been showing any of the new one

  38. by the way i not being mean but jamie is pregnant

  39. hey jamie i wud like to say i wish i wasur boyfriend cuz your the hottest 15yr old girl (like me but a boy :P)add me to ur msn pls [email protected].i have picked up ur msn addy but ur nvr on it kind of sucks really cuz i want to get to know you i got it of ur web page pls add me cuz i want to chat to you thx 4 reading my comment to you cya

  40. Jamie is like one of the hottest girls ive ever seen i wish i was her boyfriend

  41. your are such a dumb ass bitch, go to hell!1

  42. Kevin Parness | July 22, 2007 at 11:59 pm | Reply

    hey jamie i think ur so beautiful!!!!!!! i am goin to take u from ur boyfriend lol call me up 301 514 5633

  43. Leigh(SEAN-CHASE is GORGEOUS) | July 12, 2007 at 6:19 pm | Reply

    omg jamie you look just like your sister…. you are so lucky to work with hot guys such as matt underwood n sean flynn lemme add sean’s got A GORGEOUS SMILE… hehe your boyfriend is also gorgeous erm.. i love the theme song of zoey 101 n if u have msn i dont think so but if u do please add me [email protected]

  44. i just hope she doesnt make all the mistakes that her sister has.. wich im sure szhe, hopefully, wontttt!

  45. hey jamie. i think ur soooooo hott. i noe a girl that looks like u. i wanna talk to u n get to noe u just as friends. call me. 562-338-3116.

  46. hey jamie i just wanted to say dont dump him yall look really good together and dont listen to any one but all that really matters is if you luv him and he luvs u then yall were ment to be together and tell your sister not to listen to anyone tell her she can be who she wants to be so can u. and your boy friend is so hot… and u are so preaty well my cell number is 2817619954 and i really want to talk to you and meet you in realy life that would be so awesome i wished i waz on tv just like u but yeah ok maybe im taking it a little over board but yeah u might think im crazy but im really not. well maybe i should tell u a little bite about me im 13.sometimes i can be a loser.i always have something to saywill not talk bad aboutu behinde your back.i luv to talk.i luv soccer,vollyball,. luv to watch hot guyz play football.i luv to talk on the phone 24/7.i luv the color pink. i luv to do cheer leading. i luv to cheer my friends on.i luv to be on the computer. i luv to write notes. i luv to get my nials done. i like to shope.i luv boyz.i luv to tann. i luv to listen to music. well i gots to go i guess i will talk to ya later.

  47. jamie lynn spears you are the nicest girl of the world

  48. Josh Cooper | May 4, 2007 at 8:09 pm | Reply

    I dont care what anybody eles says i think your way hotter than your sister. No afince but she looks bad since she got married to K-Fed and since she got her hair shaved off. Well maby i will talk to you later!!!

  49. have u ever noticed her long chin?

  50. lol thts not her boyfriend lol and jamie is not hot matty she nowhere near as pretty as her sister but thts not her boyfriend i met jamie lynn and she was asking me my name and how old i am and if i have a girlfriend with her grotesque trailer-trash accent tht is a sign of a woman hu is looking for a man not a gir l hus got a man

  51. I am ur biggest fan.You are so dam cool.Your boyfriend is cool.I think he’s too old for you.I’ve heard about zoey 101.Never saw it,when i get old i am going to be a famous actress.Just like u.Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls can i taik to u/Britney once. Thnx Asia. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  52. Aww they suit! So who is this other Casey boy she’s been with? This is probably a new boyfriend or an ex boyfriend. She’s had quite a lot. It’s sweet!

  53. Aww! They are so sweet together! And he’s well gorgorues!

  54. Hey ur so sexy jamie i love you
    call me at 717-242-4358

  55. u are awesome and a graet actor and yourboyfriends is hot u look a great coulp togetter i hope briteny gets well soon

  56. hey, i belive j.l.s is really beautiful and very talented, but hey i really hope she doesnt end up like britney, please end up being a better person then her. and about your boyfreind, i wanna know why hes wareing an ARMY shirt when hes clearly not in the ARMY, if you really want a b/f thats in the ARMY you can talk to me Jamie!

  57. shes so hot and hes so not he was on wildstyle

  58. j-l-s is the hottest girl ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Eric lin Glass | February 10, 2007 at 5:48 pm | Reply

    Hey Jamie: You are such a great actor, and i’m wondering what is your next zoey 101 going to be like, because I like to see if Chase is ever going to kiss you are something. So email me at [email protected] and my middle name is lin too. But please lose that guy of yours. He is too old for you.

  60. Eric lin Glass | February 10, 2007 at 5:46 pm | Reply

    Hey Jamie: You are such a great actor, and i’m wondering what is your next zoey 101 going to be like, because I like to see if Chase is ever going to kiss you are something. So email me at [email protected] and my middle name is lin too. But please lose that guy of yours. He is too old for you.

  61. I think that Jamie Lynn, is a beautiful, talented, young woman and i dont think she needs a boy in her life right now, but if she likes him, why not? all anyone on here is doin is drewling over him sayin how cute he is, or sayin he is ugly!! fuckin hell make ya minds up..Anyway does anyone know Jamie Lynn’s Boyfriends full name?
    please reply
    luv yas xx becky xx

  62. Jamie you are to sexy so why are you hanging out with him. I’m 14 years old and you can ask any of the girls in my high school I’m the hottest boy there is. So we would make the best couple Babe!
    Catch ya later sweet sexy babe!

  63. Yo Jamie! Do you do karate because your body is kickin. Jamie you are so sexy, your sister wishes she had your looks. Please email me at [email protected] Catch ya later!

  64. the boy looks like an athlete… but a bit old for jamie lynn.
    and im bettin he’s a stuck up ass fuck.

  65. Jesse McAuliffe | January 29, 2007 at 11:20 pm | Reply

    Well if you ask me I think he is fairly good looking and she is one of the hottest girls I’ve seen and she deserves whoever her heart so desires. If anyone wants to email me my address is [email protected]

  66. wtf jamies pussy is gonna be worn out any he looks wayto old for her god damn hoe

  67. brittney spearmeass | January 27, 2007 at 4:34 pm | Reply

    you all stupid hos! he is a hot stud! I’d do him any time when my sis jamie oes to the john to take a leak…I’d do him in a second or two and I am so done. hopefully won’t get preggy!

  68. he is a fuked up cunt she has alot of good looks like me x

  69. wtf is that he so ugly i love your show zoey 101 never miss a show in my life but hes ugly ok bye

  70. hes ugly she needs a good and better looking man and k-fed is a g!!!!

  71. Dear Britney and Jamie lynn:
    It doesent matter how hot jamie´s boyfriend is. Not at first. I think´he looks sweet but I think that he ha a good hart first of all, And jamie deserve the best boy she can have, Jamie is a special girl with a hart full of love that she can share it with him. They are a good couple. I love Jamie so much and I wish her and Britney a good life. When I read Britneys mail to her Fans I started to cry. Love you And Britney and i can´t describe it,I know everything about Britney and her family and about Kevin and sean and jayden. I´m gonna die if she not can keep her kids. Kevin is a bad person. Britney you are a good mother. on´t lissen to your fans. They don´t know you. I´m not just your fan I know how you feel. I wish I could help you withanything you wan´t. sometimes i dream of you that I´m taking care of your kids and I can do that! I love kids. Britney, I hope you or Jamie read this and maybe write back. You maybe don´t do that but it is okay. Britney you are a wonderful person that i know. Sometimes I feel that you are my sister and You don´t know how much I care of you and your family and jamie. If you just know huw much you mean to me. I´m prepared to do anything for you, Britney all your fans just wan´t you to sing and look beautiful, For me your always beautiful. You are the best mum I´ve ever knowed and you have to belive in yor sels. you can make it work, You know that you can take care of your kids. Love you from the bottom of my heart! Love from Adelina Shatri.

  72. i think jamie is too young for him but um like um they are cute together and that allu bitches gots to mind yus beeswax.see ya later and dont be an asshole.ta ta.

  73. He is soooooo Hot!!!!!

  74. hes ugly

  75. ta bueno el pib, pero ella puede con uno mejor

  76. jamie please send me a e mail at [email protected] i like to be your friend please i love you

  77. Hot? I think not! I don’t think he’s even handsome at all..
    I don’t really think that people are going to read this. But he is a bid too tall for you, and too old! He’s not that handsome
    But good luck anyway!

  78. jamie if u dump him or he dumps u e-mail me [email protected]

  79. That guy is my cuz. He a country boy.. His name is casey

  80. they are both ugly and make the world’s ugliest couple he he he he

  81. awwwwwww they both look gd together and hez hot”!!! good luk in the futcure jamie

  82. if he dosen’t want her ill take her tommy call me jamie 905-842-9661

  83. if he dosen’t want her ill take her tommy call me jamie 905-842-9661

  84. well if she doesnt want him i will take him. hott little mother fucker!!!

  85. im going to see u at the eating senter in tronto

  86. i think it doesnt matter.if she likes him and he likes her than leave them alone.its none of your business if hes cute or not because your not dating him.she is.

  87. he looks way to old for her

  88. Kate; Poland | August 3, 2006 at 3:27 pm | Reply

    omg… 😐
    He is ugly..
    in Poland is more handsome guys

  89. ur boyfriend ugly u should go out wid i frm england but now i am in usa an i play for england amacdey under 14 and watford too i am so good at basketball i got nice body dan hime i good a better 6 pack fast i came in da 100m 12.4

  90. i think i’ve seen him somewhere like on tv or something i dont know but i dont think he’s hot , not at all………

  91. Fugly? NOT!!! He adorageous!

  92. EEWWWW, HE’S FUGLY!!!!!!!

  93. Gary Coleman | July 26, 2006 at 8:35 pm | Reply

    Is that “Chomps”?!?

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