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!! OMG, Happy Hump Day! Hosted by the Dobre Brothers’ sad-ass meet-n-greet !!

This disheartening video has gone viral, it showcases a bunch of douches called the dobre brothers? from vine and internet fame charging fans for meet and greets and not even acknowledging the fans or speaking to them. In the video posted below they could care less to be there and the fan felt the awkwardness she was prompted to apologize for just being there to pay and meet them. TO make matter worst the one in red pretends to swat the fan away. After getting bombarded with hate on the internet the assholes issue an inauthentic apology.

LOL Harsh! What a bunch of wet blankets! Have you ever paid for a meet-n-greet, OMG!?

!! OMG, quote of the day: Fiona Apple approves of J.Lo’s dance to ‘Criminal’ in HUSTLERS, recalls an awesome J.Lo story from the past !!


“Listen, I just want to say: I would give my song to Jennifer Lopez to dance to for free, any day, any time,” Apple, 42, said. “I really want to see the movie. If I were a person who actually left my house, I’d go.”

Apple continues, adding an interesting story about seeing J.Lo at a Grammy party in the late 90s.

““I forgot to tell you my J.Lo story from like 1996 or ‘97!” she wrote, according to Vulture. “I was in NY at a pre-Grammy party (because I used to go to s— like that). And my sister Maude was with me, but she was on the other side of this big room filled with little tables and mingling celebrities and executives … So J.Lo’s album hadn’t come out yet, and nobody had started talking about her ass yet — and I swear I saw her (J.Lo), and ran to get my sister JUST to show her how beautiful that ass was — and the moment I pointed her out to my sister, J.Lo turned to speak to someone and her butt was just above table-level, and her butt knocked over someone’s glass of champagne and she didn’t even notice. It was glorious.”

– Singer Fiona Apple, on J.Lo’s dance to ‘Criminal’ in HUSTLERS and old times.

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