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!! OMG, quote of the day: Madonna drags DaBaby for homophobic remarks !!

Madge ain’t happy! In an Instagram post, Madonna, encouraged rapper DaBaby to “know his facts” before making “hateful remarks to the LGBTQ+ community about HIV/AIDS,” writing:

“After decades of hard-won scientific research, there are lifesaving medicines [antiretrovirals, or ARVs] available to children born with HIV, to people who contract HIV through blood transfusions, dirty needles or exchange of bodily fluids… AIDS is not transmitted by standing next to someone in a crowd. I want to put my ‘cellphone lighter’ up and pray for your ignorance.”

Good for her for speaking up! Madge has always been a huge advocate for educating people about HIV and AIDS stigma – and she isn’t stopping now!

!! OMG, WATCH: Lady Gaga stars in the brand new HOUSE OF GUCCI trailer !!

Set in Italy in 1995, HOUSE OF GUCCI centers around the story of Patrizia Reggiani, an Italian socialite played by Lady Gaga, who after marrying into fashion royalty was sentenced to 29 years in prison for plotting the murder of husband Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver), heir to the Gucci empire. Check out the brand new trailer above! Thoughts?

!! OMG, Grimes says her new song is about defeating Azealia Banks !!

Ooh, things are getting SPOIICY between these two again! Yesterday, at a Discord chat, Grimes revealed that her new song “100% tragedy”

“is about having to defeat Azealia Banks when she tried to destroy my life,”

After this Azealia responds on Instagram saying:

“So you go make a bootleg @inna song about it. Yikes,” she wrote. “Grimes def has some psychosexual obsession with me. i think it’s bitterness cuz she doesn’t have the musical capacity i have. everything she does is out of pretentiousness and it comes out like that … while everything i do is out of natural swag & geniusness lmaoo. Starting to notice all the weird undercover millennial racists hide out on discord.”

On Sunday, Banks also posted this and later deleted it:

“really thought I did you a favor by not responding to that subpoena….., i just May happen to have all those extra texts/screenshots/evidence Laying around somewhere………….”

Grimes also revealed during the chat that her new album will be a space opera about artificial intelligences that fall into a lesbian romance. Hmmmm! Interesting!

!! OMG, WATCH: Britney’s new attorney gives statement outside of courthouse !!

Britney Spears’ new attorney gave a statement to reporters outside of the Los Angeles County Courthouse on Monday. Mathew Rosengart said,

‘My firm and I are moving aggressively and expeditiously to file a petition to remove Jamie Spears, unless he resigns first.’

Britney took to Instagram on Tuesday to say she will never ‘fully move on’ until ‘I’ve said all I needed to say.’ Check out his full statement above!

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