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!! OMG, RIP: Ronette’s ‘bad girl’ singer, the legendary Ronnie Spector has passed at 78 !!

Ronnie Spector, whose “hard-edged yet tremulous voice” soared on the Ronettes’ girl-group hits of the early ‘60s, died on Wednesday of cancer. She was 78. Her official website reads:

“Our beloved earth angel, Ronnie, peacefully left this world today after a brief battle with cancer. She was with family and in the arms of her husband, Jonathan,” reads a statement on Spector’s official website. “Ronnie lived her life with a twinkle in her eye, a spunky attitude, a wicked sense of humor and a smile on her face. She was filled with love and gratitude. Her joyful sound, playful nature and magical presence will live on in all who knew, heard or saw her.”

Née Veronica Bennett, she forged an enduring “bad girl” image with her older sister Estelle Bennett and cousin Nedra Talley. Be My Baby may be one of the most romantic classic songs of ALL-TIME! Ronnie was so major. Her presence will be missed on this planet! Thank you for the music.

!! OMG, damage control? Jamie Lynn Spears to give exclusive interview to Good Morning America !!

We can’t imagine what she’d need to say that wouldn’t make an already horrible situation – WORSE. Check out the teaser for GMA’s Jamie Lynn Spears tell-all interview above. Thoughts?

!! OMG, over 2,000 concert-goers contract COVID at bad bunny’s massive concert !!

Over 2,000 peeps tested positive for COVID, after the Reggaetón star, Bad Bunny‘s concert in Puerto Rico, he held a concert in San Juan. There were over 70,000 people at the Hiram Bithorn Stadium in attendance.

But according to the Puerto Rican epidemiology office, 2,000 people resulted infected, this after the Omicron variant has caused concerns worldwide, even though organizers demanded masks and vaccination certificates.

Whoops! Yeah, that’s definitely not being a good, bunny! Have you caught the Omi’s yet, OMG?

!! OMG, now Madonna has rap-sample beef with Tory Lanes !!

Pluto’s Last Comet by Canadian record producer Tory Lanes (which yes, also sounds like the name of a 1980s babysitter) is a new song that obviously samples Madge‘s classic ‘Into The Groove’ and fairly – Madonna isn’t happy. She’s also not above commenting on a bitch’s Instagram when Tor Tor’s lawyers don’t cease and desist! Via TMZ:

The song in question here is Tory’s recent track, Pluto’s Last Comet … and he’s been promoting it on his social media … but Madonna’s clearly not a fan. She believes the song — especially the beginning instrumental — is a rip-off of her earlier work.

Find the comment that Madge left on one of Tory’s IG posts after the jump!


!! OMG, Britney Spears’ dad requests daughter pay his legal fees after he’s released from controlling and exploiting her !!

It looks as if Britney‘s dad Jamie is doing what everyone thought he’d do after being removed from her conservatorship: Come crawling back and begging for more MONEY! Shocker.

In documents filed last week, Spears’ father petitioned to seek the court’s “confirmation, authorization and direction” for his daughter’s estate to pay the lawyers who are “participating in proceedings concerning Jamie’s ongoing fiduciary duties relating to winding up” the conservatorship.

Throughout the course of her 13-year conservatorship, the pop star was required to pay all of her father’s legal bills, while he was serving as her conservator, along with all of her own legal fees to defend herself in the legal arrangement she says she was trying to get out of for years. (Spears’ father’s attorney charges around $1,200 per hour.)

“Prompt payment on account of Jamie’s attorneys’ fees is necessary to ensure the Conservatorship can be wound up quickly and efficiently to allow Britney to take control of her life as she and Jamie desire,” states the 27-page petition, obtained by Variety.

Poor girl. As if it isn’t hard enough to have a shit father who exploited you for a decade-and-a-half, now he wants you to help him out after! Sheesh. We hope Brit’s new lawyer can find a loophole for this and make Jamie pay out of his own wallet!

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