!! OMG, gossip: Bullied gay teen CLAPS BACK !!

Sis ain’t playin’! [instinct]

Speaking of which, Brigitte Nielsen says she once slapped Madonna in the face [dlisted]

Trump quickly deletes Tweet urging people to vote for Sean Spicer on DWTS [towleroad]

Nina West wants you to step into Christmas with her [socialite life]

NIPS explosion! [boy culture]

Lil Pump got bit by a snake as a prop on his latest video… wait… who’s Lil Pump? [celebitchy]

Peeps are horned for KJ‘s latest thirst trap on Insta [gay fleshbot NSFW]

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3 Comments on "OMG, gossip: Bullied gay teen CLAPS BACK"

  1. Hello-

    Cameron Dallas’ pretend j/o video is both sexy and hilarious.

  2. No, NO, NO!
    Violence is not the answer, ever!
    This just encourages people, especially young people looking for internet “fame”, to start beating on everyone that ever offended them. I’m not blaming this kid for being a kid, but he was wrong to initiate violence. We should NOT be praising this!

    • With all due respect, I disagree. The gay teen should have cracked bully’s skull open and defecated in the empty shell, just to show everyone dumb poopyheads are total losers, a line has to be drawn somewhere!

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