!! OMG, have you heard? Burger King is offering social distancing crowns !!

We want one! [dlisted]

On this week’s episode of ‘As the Karen Turns’ [instinct]

Joe Biden appears for first time in two months, is responsibly wearing a mask [celebitchy]

Beachgoing Alabamans on ignoring COVID-19 guidance, or natural selection? ‘I don’t wanna die but if that’s what God has in store then that’s okay’ [towleroad]

Kimmy Kakes trolled for calling black face masks ‘nude’ [bet]

Elvis Presley‘s jazzy jockstrap up for auction [boy culture]

Gossip Girl reboot on lockdown til 2021 [socialite life]

A Riverdale split? [lainey]

Thick thighs save lives [gay fleshbot NSFW]

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7 Comments on "OMG, have you heard? Burger King is offering social distancing crowns"

  1. Having some Trump supporter on this blog,that is VERY LGBTQ friendly, makes me a little uncomfortable. Trump stands for everything we are NOT and he should have no voice here, especially when all he does is lie, lie and lie some more. I’m all for free speech, but that doesn’t include telling lies about minorities just so you can keep your homophobic/racist base happy. This man has done so much harm to so many people, please OMG, lets not give him anymore of our energy.

  2. Joe Biden should wear one of these giant Burger King crowns. He would look as good as he did wearing that mask.

    • At least he has enough common sense (and respect for others) to wear a mask…and I bet he doesn’t think drinking sanitizer with kill a virus either. Are you a Russian bot? I’m only asking because your comment lacks humour…at least to an English speaking human.

      • Wow, it shows how desperate you people are that you have to regurgitate Russian bot comments when we all know that the Russian collusion narrative was a lie and that Obama and Biden illegally spied on the Trump campaign. As for common sense and respect, I think your side lost the common sense and respect for others when they got caught breaking their own lockdowns like the Mayor of Chicago who got a haircut when no one else could, the Governor of Michigan who told the state not to travel to their cabins up north when her family did, like the Mayor of New York City who told everyone to shelter in place while he and his family went jogging in Brooklyn, like the Governor of New Mexico who closed down businesses but had a jewelry store open just for her and the list goes on. Joe Biden can’t put three sentences together let alone get America back to work.

        • Oh sweetie, that’s so cute. I guess Biden could never be as competent as Trump, who disbanded Obama’s pandemic response team and then blamed Obama for the pandemic. Oh and lets not forget how he ignored the warning from WHO and said the virus was fake news, leading the way for the US to become the country with the most cases and highest death rate in the world. To date, 357,491 people have died from this virus…102,107 of those dead are the US citizens that your fake reality TV president is sworn to protect. The second highest rate is the UK with 37,40…thats not even half of the deaths in the US. Why is that I wonder? Could it have something to do with 48% of the country following what their incompetent commander in chief says? Seems likely.
          And you want to go after Biden for not being able to string two sentences together? LMFAO!
          His response when asked about mail in voting: “And you get thousands and thousands of people sitting in someone’s living room signing ballots all over the place. No! I think that mail-in voting is a terrible thing. I think if you vote, you should go. And even the concept of early voting is not the greatest. Because a lot of things happen. But it’s OK. But you should go, and you should vote. You should go, and you should vote. You look at what they do, where they grab thousands of mail-in ballots and they dump it. I tell you what, and I don’t have to tell you. You can look at the statistics.”
          Thats just one example, there are thousands of examples of this man’s inability to string a coherent sentence together..so don’t even go there. By way, sweetie…just before he babbled this quote, Trump had voted by mail in the Florida elections…can you say hypocrisy?

          “we all know that the Russian collusion narrative was a lie and that Obama and Biden illegally spied on the Trump campaign.”

          No, sweetie, we don’t all know that…just you people who are deluded enough to believe that Trump is a real president, think you know that. It’s a proven fact that Russia has been interfering with US social media…most recently its come to light that nearly half of the Twitter accounts discussing covid-19 are Russian bots, drumming up fear in Americans.
          Go back to sleep, sweetie. If you wish to continue this, I can list off every single incompetent action Trump has committed…and that is a long, long, really terrific and biggly list. In fact, its the bigglyest and greatest list of all time.

          • You tell that Russian Fembot whats what, gurl! It doesn’t surprise me one bit that some deluded Trump supporter would try to shade the former Vice President and try to make him seem worse than Trump. Like you said, gurl, Trump’s list of incompetent buffoonery is a really biggly list!
            I wonder if he really is a Trump supporter or just a paid bot. The way Trump has bungled Coronavirus (and everything else he touches) how can anyone try and support him by tearing others down? Seriously comrade Chris, you’re either deluded or you’ve sold your soul.

  3. Oh America, I worry about you sometimes.

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