!! OMG, his butt: Blake Stadnik in ‘This Is Us’ !!

Actor Blake Stadnik lets the sun shine in where the sun don’t usually shine after the NSFW jump in ‘This Is Us’. Check him out!


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29 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Blake Stadnik in ‘This Is Us’"

  1. Flip around! I want to see the cock!

  2. Dude looks great, his cakes are delicious and I also love his smile. 🙂

  3. Hello-

    its always nice to see a yummy butt. but is highly unusual for network
    primetime t.v. series to have even bare butt nudity.

    • it is becoming more common, one of Milo’s first scenes showed his butt, and it was really nice too

      • Hello-
        considering how many network(ABC,CBS,NBC,FOX,CW,PBS) primetime
        t.v. series they are it is still highly unusual to see even bare ‘
        butt nudity. Milo’s two quick are butt shots were in season#1
        which was 3 years ago. Stadnik’s is the first I aware of on a
        regular network primetime series since Milo’s. in other words
        i don’t believe a 3 year span can be deemed “becoming more common”.

        • Hello –
          I consider it more common in the fact that it happens at all, since it use to be unheard of, if you want to get specific ;p

  4. Never heard of him until now: What brought him to fame? (BTW; perfect ass! Like to see it in action!

    • according to the article, he mostly did theater and singing, but they were casting for an actual blind actor that was relatable , think they picked pretty well

  5. hes a beautiful guy, cant really tell in this photo, but his eyes are amazing also.

  6. Slim guy with a fit ass, nice

  7. Cute butt

  8. This is Us had to do something to up their ratings.


  10. That is a delicious ass!

  11. Why can’t they give us a shot like this of Milo, or even Justin or Sterling???

    • Milo did it in the first episode but he’s always welcome to do it again Sterling’s the best actor on the show by far but the butt I want to see on this show is Justin’s

      • Joseph Buscarino | September 29, 2019 at 5:54 pm | Reply

        I agree about Justin, for being such a heartthrob he should have more butt shots in his career, the only one that I know of was from bad mom’s Christmas. And since couldn’t see blakes face right away on the opening, I actually thought it might be him.

    • They did something for Milo in the first season

      • I know, but I want a nice, clear shot of Milo’s ass like this one. He’s got a fantastic bubble butt, would love to see it more 😛

  12. Hello-

    is this from the NBC series This Is Us or is there a film with
    the same title?

  13. Yea I would

  14. This is EXACTLY what I want in my life

  15. nice butt

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