!! OMG, he’s naked: Rising Insta-thotty and OnlyFans star Matthew Hanham AKA ‘A Taste of Matt’ !!

Blond beauty Matthew Hanham AKA ‘A Taste of Matt’ has been breaking the internet with his massive juicy bubble on several media platforms. Check out just a ‘taste’ of him after the NSFW jump, then go sub him!


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29 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Rising Insta-thotty and OnlyFans star Matthew Hanham AKA ‘A Taste of Matt’"

  1. He’ a beautiful ‘all ’round’ dude,period! – Grey

  2. Matthews butt is just magnificent, hot and delicious, imo


    • If only your mom didn’t drink and smoke crack while pregnant with you, maybe you wouldn’t be such a jelly brain. Abortion would have been a better option for us all.

    • Oh sweetie you just couldn’t resist could you? All alone in the wee hours typing away thinking anyone cares what you think. Usually those are the types of people who have no chance at all with anyone even halfway attractive. Best to just sit and suffer in the silence of your loneliness than troll the site.

  4. I wonder what it’s like to be so good looking and utterly shameless?

  5. Delicious AND uncut! Wow!!

  6. If you refer to your ass as thick & juicy, i’m vomiting.
    why do some gay men want to sound like women talking about their asses.
    also, some men’s asses being “big” look gross. there are limits.

    • Please men, continue using the words thick & juicy for your ass. Keep HumanC vomiting. The more uncomfortable he is, the better I feel about the world.

  7. Now that’s worth clicking on!

  8. This is hot! Thank You for this!

  9. He is sexy!! I want

  10. Randy Hawinberry | June 14, 2023 at 6:15 pm | Reply

    Beautiful all around all over ❤️

  11. Now that’s pretty much full-on everything! Oh and by the way it’s all beautiful – crying out to be licked and sucked. Great looking guy.

  12. KevinInCincy | June 14, 2023 at 5:38 pm | Reply

    He’s OK cute, but I’ll have to pass on the gay trope over tease. Not a big fan of AstroTurf in my apt., Either. Other than that, Bon Appetit!

    • That’s not AstroTurf, pal, it’s a green padding to keep the weight bench he’s standing in front of from scratching the hardwood floors when in use.

      Other than that I pretty much agree with you. He’s OK cute, he’s not like “OMFG he’s SO effing hot” like some seem to think – to each their own. His front side is disproportionately smaller than his back side. And in a few of his pics his ass looks as unnatural as Kim Kartrashian’s turd cutter does.

      Most definitely not my cup of tea, but as I said: to each their own.

  13. He’s Gorgeous with a Hot Set of Balls!

  14. His face is a five, but his body is a TEN and his booty a 20!!!!!!!

  15. robert buoniconti | June 14, 2023 at 4:42 pm | Reply

    Most definitely like his au natural body hair and that butt!

  16. Wow. What a body on this guy! Great looking guy!!

  17. I know this is supposed to be hot and all, but when your only talent/asset amounts to exposing yourself, it’s rather…sad, You go boy, I guess, haha.

    • I was kind of thinking the same thing. It’s rather sad that these days people so desperately and diligently strive for Insta-Famous status or seeking out a quasi celebrity following on social media networks when so very many of them (like this Kim Kartrashian wannabe) seem to have no talent whatsoever other than posing nude (much like KK herself)!! His ass is almost disproportionate it’s so big and it definitely overshadows the smaller stature of his lower frontal area in my opinion. He’s not necessarily ugly, but he’s not all that in my book, either. But to each their own, I suppose.

  18. He’s got one of the best butts to ever exist.

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