14 Comments on "OMG, their butts: Tom Rosenthal, Ryan Sampson and Jon Pointing in ‘PLEBS’"

  1. I want the little guy in the middle. Oh the things I’d do to that sweet little tush.

  2. What episode was this in?!!?

  3. Of course the blonde has the best butt. They’re put on the earth to be bottoms.

  4. The blonde one is fit as fck

  5. Send me the blonde guy. Hot!

  6. I wish they could get as many pics and ass shots of Ricky Martin like they did here.

  7. This is OMGBlog, not Charlottesville.

    • Lmao “it’s positive.” White guys don’t need to be singled out as exceptional or good since historically they’ve been held aloft as superior to everyone else for ages and that’s called supremacy. It’s extremely questionable to fetishize a group by race. Saying this as a white guy.

      Shannon is a whole other situation and probably needs a therapist but when it comes to race the resentment clearly comes from a place of being excluded and that exclusion being persistent and normalized (see above comment).

  8. Beautiful Booties!

  9. elsayed ismail | November 7, 2019 at 5:21 pm | Reply

    all the butt are small , nice,beautiful amazing

  10. Yum the blonde is hot with a perfectly delicious booty. Very hot post. Will have to look him up.

  11. It’s a comedy not a period piece so we can forgive him for that.

  12. Interesting, cute butts but… the blonde is too modest. The modesty does not match the period if it’s set in either ancient Rome or even Greece where open nudity was more normal. He would have been comfortable in his skin; not hiding his groin with his hand.


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