!! OMG, gossip: Netflix’s ‘Special’ gay sex scene goes for it !!

Netflix show Special has a gay sex scene and it’s pretty explicit and stars Brian Jordan Alvarez [gay fleshbot NSFW]

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Salt N Peppa are back on tour [bet]

Blac Chyna is getting her ass sued for unpaid rent [dlisted]

Madge drops new single [towleroad]

Top 10 clothing-optional gay beaches in the world [gayety]

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4 Comments on "OMG, gossip: Netflix’s ‘Special’ gay sex scene goes for it"

  1. Hello-

    the scene between Reeve Carney and Jonny Beauchamp in season#2
    of Penny Dreadful was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy hotter.

  2. I binged watched it last weekend as well. the show is EXCELLENT. My only complaint is the episodes were to short. I hope they make another season with longer episodes.

  3. I binged watched the whole series over the weekend, which I thought was just ok. but that sex scene was so bad it angered me. Supposedly it’s his first time and he goes straight to anal intercourse. No foreplay? No kissing? No Fondling? it was like: okay stick it in now. could not have been more un-sexy.

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