!! OMG, his butt UHGAIN: Channing Tatum strips down for photographers Inez and Vinood for ‘V Mag’ !!

We love when Channing Tatum leans into his go-go boy roots and give the fans big ‘A-Lister-meets-Rent Boy’ energy! Like his latest shoot with Inez and Vinood for ‘V Mag’!

Check out a glimpse Channing’s cheeky TAINT-um and some sexy undies and speedos after the jump!


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13 Comments on "OMG, his butt UHGAIN: Channing Tatum strips down for photographers Inez and Vinood for ‘V Mag’"

  1. Ruby I Cousins | February 18, 2022 at 6:02 pm | Reply

    I love channing as much as the next queen, but who hasnt seen his butt at this point? like we want more already.

  2. I wanna tonguepunch his fartbox sumpin’ FIERCE!!!

  3. Nice! Looking great and we know he knows how to move his ass from the Magic Mike films. A lot of established (male) stars stop giving us the goods when they become very successful.

  4. A boring butt post…UHGAIN

  5. I totally love this man…. whatever you say about him !

  6. KevinInCincyGoBengals | February 11, 2022 at 7:47 pm | Reply

    I’m with JamesG below. Channing Tatum is ABSOLUTELY the most beautiful man walking this planet. And Yes, he did scald his d*ck on a movie set awhile back. But it — and he — are just fine now…

  7. He’s boring looking.
    Also, didn’t he get the nickname “Freddy Krueger penis” from getting several penis burns in a wetsuit scene accident? LOL

    • I never heard this. What’s the story?

      • While filming The Eagle, someone accidently poured boiling water on him.
        He did an interview about it and one of the quotes was something like “I burn all the skin off my penis”

        just google “penis tatum burnt eagle” and a bunch of things will come u

  8. Absolutely the most beautiful man this planet!!
    And that butt…

  9. The last pic was anticlimatic. I was hoping for a full nude backshot honestly

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