!! OMG, throwback: Cher talks about her role in Moonstruck !!

We love this Cher interview from 1988, one year after the premier of the classic romantic comedy, Moonstrucka film that brought her an Oscar for her acting.

You can tell she trained hard to get the Brooklyn-Italian accent down right!

It aired during the tail-end of the dreadful Reagan era, and when asked about her political ambitions she responds:

I have ambitions to do good for my country, but I think that being political is not the place to do good. I think there’s a bad feeling about politicians—you can’t trust them. I think that the best way to do something good is in community service or go to a group that is interested in helping.

Watch her talk about her role, and more, after the jump!

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  1. Wow! Great interview.

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