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!! OMG, nostalgia overload: Motorola is relaunching its Razr flip-phones !!

Motorola is relaunching its Razr flip-phones, this time as a smartphone with a foldable inner screen. The inside screen will be similar to the screen size of the regular iPhone 11, though not as wide. It’s initially going to be sold for $1,500 BUT in the US only, and launching on December 26 (weird timing). Will you be going back to your old pink flip Razr, OMG?

!! OMG, WATCH: In 1978, Italy briefly had a televised Satanic variety show featuring the likes of Grace Jones, Amanda Lear and the Devil himself !!

Color TV was finally becoming available in the majority of Italian households, and Trapani decided to use Stryx as a vessel for new technologies: chromakey, distorting lenses, dry ice, and mock-3D special effects were deployed to make STRYX the ultimate visual feast.

At the heraldic cry of “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Devil,” a procession of demons, goblins, odalisques, and dancers would enter the stage. An expert in Neapolitan esoteric lore would explain the fundamentals of palmistry, kabbalah, and tasseography. Performers bared their breasts in an adaptation of the dance of the seven veils, made human sacrifices, and got branded by a Caligula impersonator.

Check out one of Grace‘s performances above and even more from others, including Amanda Lear, after the jump!


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