!! OMG, the ‘lost’ Britney documentary ‘Stages: Three Days in Mexico’ has resurfaced and is viewable online !!

You’ve all seen the HBO doc, but have you seen the buried doc when Britney Spears went to Mexico for three days and supposedly foreshadowed what was to come much earlier than people may recall?

It focused on the end of Spears’ 2002 tour, capturing how trapped and isolated she was by her fame. She also navigates rude press and a huge storm that could cancel the final night of her concert. Check out Stages: Three Days in Mexico above! The blurred phone is our fave.

!! OMG, quote of the day: Freddie Mercury’s first girlfriend recalls the moment she knew he was gay !!

“We had been to the V&A and seen Eadweard Muybridge’s photographs of men wrestling in the nude.

“I could see he was enamoured in a way that went beyond art appreciation. Then we went to see Ken Russell’s ‘Women in Love’ and he was dumbfounded by the wrestling scene.

“He wanted to stay in the cinema and see the whole thing again. My blood ran cold, not because it was a bad film but because of the implications. That was the tipping point.”

Rose Pearson, Freddie Mercury‘s first girlfriend, recalls the moment she suspected the singer was gay after he became “enamoured” with photographs of men wrestling in the nude at the exhibition.

[via the Radio Times]

!! OMG, TikToker shares thrift shop diary they found, gives us a look inside the mind of a 1950s housewife !!

@otherworlddesignThrift store finds #thrifted #thriftshop #thrift #diary♬ Patches – Dickie Lee

TikToker @otherworlddesign unearthed a diary from the 1950s at a local thrift shop. The diary seems to detail the life of an American housewife, Nellie, in 1957:

“Found this old diary at the local thrift shop today. It’s from 1957. So far, it seems like a housewife! She filled it out for the whole year. And tbh, she seems like a mood.”

Check out some of the entries in the video above! Such a different time!

[via ruinmyweek]

!! OMG, 139-year-old San Francisco Victorian home is moved by truck 7 blocks to a new location !!

The Englander House in San Francisco, a 139-year-old home owned by a real estate guy, was picked up and placed on a flatbed trailer and transported a whole 7 blocks away to its new address.

The Victorian architectural masterpiece is a 5,170-square-foot (roughly 480-square-meter) house that has been around since 1882. It was transported at the average speed of 1 mile per hour (1.6 kilometers per hour) for 0.6 miles (roughly a kilometer) from 807 Franklin St. to 635 Fulton St.

This is commitment! But good for him for preserving some history while doing it (even if it did cost him 400K to do so!). Check out some footage of the move above!

!! OMG, THROWBACK: Drag Race 13’s Tamisha Iman performs Donna Summer back in 1998! !!

Yes! Before most of you were born, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13 favourite Tamisha Iman, who is 49 and from Atlanta, Georgia, was out in club getting paid and bringing the house down – boots!

Check her out back in 1998 above. Most of these other contestants weren’t even a sperm in their daddy’s nutsack at this point.

!! OMG, don't miss these !!