!! Time Machine !!

!! OMG, and oooh, gurl! This 1997 throwback clip of RuPaul getting catty with Joy Behar gets HEATED !!

A heritage moment! When The View first began airing, RuPaul was actually one of the first guests to come on the show and end up getting into a fight with a co-host: Joy Behar! You can definitely sense the attitude shift towards drag that we have now after watching this. We’ve come a long way… granted Ru was being a little bit of a bitch!

Check out the clip after the jump!


!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS! An index of over 200 live DJ set tapes from gay NYC/Pines (1981-90) have been uncovered on Fire Island !!

Introducing The Pine Walk Collection: DJ Sets from Fire Island Pines & New York City (1981-1999).

These tapes were found in a recently purchased house on Pine Walk. There are well over 200 tapes in total and they are being carefully digitized and remastered and offered to stream for free on Mixcloud with permission from all of the living DJs.

This is an incredible VALUABLE part of our LGBTQ+ history, now recovered and restored for our community! HUGE. Check out just a few of the latest digitized mixes after the jump – and find all of them here. Happy listening wherever you may be!


!! OMG, these twisted Christmas cards from the Victorian era need to make a comeback !!

In a time when the holidays seem bleaker than we might recall in our lifetime, — who else might understand the darkness that creeps in the chimneys and snowy streets, tickling our stockings, than folks from the Victorian era! One look at some of the greeting cards from this bunch will have you saying “WHAT THE F*CK!?”, and then scrambling to find these someplace for your family! Check out a full gallery after the jump.


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