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!! OMG, WATCH: Gaspar Noe re-releases IRREVERSIBLE with edit that has film in its original straight order !!

“Why this film? Because the original was told backwards and many viewers, swamped by the anticlockwise structure of the editing, didn’t understand certain aspects of the story,” Noé said. “Presented clockwise, everything is clear and also darker. No dialogues have been cut, nor have any events in the story. Which is why this version is called Straight Cut. Until now, Irréversible was a deliberate puzzle. Now it’s a diptych, like an old record whose B side is the less conceptual mix of the track on side A, but this time with voices that are more audible, rendering the meanings of the words more fatalistic.” He adds, “You will see. Time reveals all things.”

Check out the brand new trailer for the re-edit above! (I guess it was reversible after all!)

!! OMG, The Beatles’ Ringo Starr chats having a gay manager during a time when being gay was illegal in England !!

Back in the day, The Beatles members Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, and George Harrison were hit by gay rumors after it came out that their manager Brian Epstein was part of the LGBTQ community. The band was recently asked about it:

“The Beatles had a gay manager, Brian Epstein, at a time when being gay was illegal in England and very much stigmatized. What was the band’s attitude about gay people back then?”

Starr responded,

“I had known a lot of gay men. It didn’t matter to us. We were lads of the time. Or maybe, OK then, lads ahead of our time.”

Well there you have it!

!! OMG, WATCH: MTV uploads new edit of Britney, Madonna, and Xtina’s infamous performance where you can see Xtina’s kiss too !!

Some thought it was lost to time forever… but MTV has re-upped a new edit of Madge, Brit Brit, Missy and Xtina‘s classic kissing performance at the MTV Awards – only this time you also see Madonna and Xtina’s smooch too! Check it out above! (Funnily enough Christina’s name is STILL missing from the video’s title – shade!)

!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Producer leaks Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’-era demos ahead of cassette auction !!

It only took 30 years, but a handfull of demos from Madge‘s Like A Prayer-era have leaked!

Madonna fans received a treat when Patrick Leonard, one of Madonna’s three co-producers on her 1989 album Like a Prayer, leaked demos from the time of its writing and recording to his personal YouTube channel today. The reason? To get ahead of a forthcoming auction of a cache the Queen of Pop’s personal effects by her former art advisor, Darlene Lutz.

The drama between Madonna and Lutz dates back to 2017, when the latter attempted to sell items that included the former’s tour costume lingerie and at least one letter written by her to an imprisoned Tupac Shakur in 1995. A judge granted a temporary motion halting the sale, but Madonna ultimately lost her suit last month, giving Lutz free reign to do as she wishes with her former associate’s stuff.

While there’s no stopping the sale of the letter—expected to fetch an estimated $300,000 at auction next week—or a brush full of Madonna‘s hair, leaking the contents of some of the cassettes given to Lutz by the artist’s estranged brother will if nothing else undoubtedly decrease their value. That it rewards her loyal fans is just the cherry on top.

Ew what!? A full brush of Madge’s 30-year old dead hairz? Grode! Anwyay, check out an additional demo for Cherish and Angels with Dirty Faces after the jump!


!! OMG, WATCH: Tom Hanks stars as Mr. Rogers in ‘A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD’ !!

“I believe so strongly that’s it better to be deep and simple than shallow and complex. After all, life is not about material things, life is about the relationships you have with one another and with yourself.”

Mister Rogers. Check out Tom Hanks vying for the Oscar attention as the man himself above. Thoughts!?

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