!! Code Pink and Condi Rice !!

Activist group Code Pink scored a fantastic photo with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice this week. The message is a simple one we have heard before: Condi and her President have blood on their hands from the Iraq War. The remarkable thing I think is the crazy look in that lady’s eyes. (via Rob Thurman)

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6 Comments on "Code Pink and Condi Rice"

  1. Good for her!!

  2. Uhhh maybe she looks crazy because she lost her only child in a senseless war?

  3. I have heard so many opinions on this protest. One even said: “Such protest theatrics went out in the 70’s”. As far as I am concerned, simple yet effective protest is the way to go, and Desiree Farooz achieved that to the max. Go Desiree!

  4. “the crazy look in that lady’s eyes…”
    crazy look?
    you mean that of our labia-lapping Mme Sec of State, right?
    Thought so.
    Just checking.
    Do carry on.

  5. Condi looks like she’s holding back all her ghetto and wants to punch dat bitch!

  6. Personally speaking, I’m more taken by the dismissive look of dear Condi than the Pink Lady……….hmmmmm….a sale on shoes at Saks?

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