!! CollegeDudes247 contest winner !!

The question for this most recent contest was a bit trickier, but lots of you got it right! However, only one will get the year-long membership to CollegeDudes247 and be able to gaze at Aden (pictured above) in his full, naked glory.
QUESTION: What is the name of the young bareback porn star who may never become a “college dude” because he is currently in jail following his arrest for allegedly murdering the owner of a rival porn studio?
ANSWER: Harlow Cuadra or Joseph Kerekes (they were arrested together)
The winner is Michael, the very first commenter! Thanks to the team at the Gay Bloggies and CollegeDudes247 (link NSFW) for the prize, and stay tuned for another giveaway next week!

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5 Comments on "CollegeDudes247 contest winner"

  1. PS – yeah, seriously, stop leaving us. 🙂

  2. I agree – I’d like to see a contest where it’s not a race to see who can answer first, but more of a “closest guess wins” or something like that, so that those of us who work, or are in different time zones, have a fair shot, as well

  3. I agree with the aussie, I live on the west coast and work at night and sleep during the day, and the contests are always when I am sleeping. Though, winning a contest would just be a perk, I come to this blog because I love you Frank 😉
    Stop leaving!

  4. I totally agree with JD. Congrats to the winner from me too. I re\d this blog every morning without fail, but the time difference means there are always answers to the questions by the time I see them. Any chance of putting names in a hat the next time??

  5. congrats to the winner.
    is there any way we can know the time the next contest will be open? its tough for an aussie guy to win when the contest opens when im asleep, and by the time i see it, 50 comments are already made 🙁
    on a side note… i luvvv this blog!

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