!! OMG, have you heard? Newly-out Colton Underwood wastes no time getting to gay thirst trapping !!

…And more, other celebrity male thirst traps for your hungry eyes! [socialite life]

Janet Mock snapped at Hollywood and Ryan Murphy for all the right reasons at the Pose Season 3 premiere [dlisted]

Willow Smith talks poly lifestyle on Red Table Talk [bet]

Ewan Macgregor said the second Modern dose really kicked his ass but he’s happy he did it! [celebitchy]

Elliot Page knew he ‘was a boy as a toddler’ [towleroad]

These pun memes are so stupid, they’re funny [ruin my week]

Mmmmm, shirtless gingers! [instinct]

Two extremely famous Jennifers hit the town in masks [lainey]

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5 Comments on "OMG, have you heard? Newly-out Colton Underwood wastes no time getting to gay thirst trapping"

  1. Can’t wait until the first nude is leaked.

  2. He’s not cute at all. A total bore!

  3. Shots fired! I lost trust in Janet by being a part of Ryan Murphy projects in the first place. This at least injects some humanity back into her legacy. Hell yes, they should pay her more.. she is far more specialized than most TV producers, & Ryan, someone who for decades made the most toxic representations of trans women, is getting all the praise & credit. He is just concerned about his image too late in the game for it to be genuine. His ideas are tired, & played out. There needs to be less Ryan Murphy.. The man can’t write a realistic female character if it would save his fortune – which is amassed by writing unrealistic portrayals of women, & doubling down on racist stereotypes for most of his career. His mommy issues are always showing, and he’s an embarassment to the community. Wonder why noone stood up to him before? He is that powerful. He can ruin you.

  4. Did you even read the dlisted post about Janet? It’s messy AF, it’s one thing to feel you deserve more money if you’re a proven hollywood talent. Publicly embarrassing the people who opened the door for your first credit, admit to power abuse by fucking a crew member while also cheating on your bf at an industry party, yikes.

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