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!! OMG, a webcomic: ‘Gay Men to’ by Dylan Glynn !!

Gay Men to Gay Men by Dylan Glynn

This is the first installment of “Gay Men to,” a series of beautiful, clever hand-painted webcomics by artist Dylan Glynn, premiering exclusively on OMG.BLOG.

In Glynn’s words:

“Gay men to” started as a comedic observation of conflict in the gay men’s community (“Gay Men to Gay Men”), but then started to branch out to other identities. It makes me think of how gender and sexual identities exist in relation to one another, the tensions and threads that run through some identities and, simultaneously, the walls that divide (“protect”?) them from one another.

Each installment will consist of three four-panel observations. Check out “Gay Men to Straight Men” and “Gay Men to Straight Women” after the jump!


!! OMG, a unique mind: The erotic thread art of Sal Salandra !!

Sal Salandra is a queer artist based in East Hampton, NY, transplanted from the West Village. Sal works in the medium of thread painting, a form of embroidery which involves weaving long and short stitches through a canvas.

He has spent fifty-five years as a hairdresser, and without a formal art education, is self-taught at his craft.
Sal Salandra erotic thread art
Sal’s work explores (but is not limited to) themes of queer sexuality, BDSM eroticism, and Catholicism. Once in school to be a priest, Sal spent many years repressing his sexuality.

Sal eventually began to embrace his sexual thoughts in harmony with Catholicism. Sal claims that “The Catholic Church is one of the Largest BDSM groups in the world” and that the spirit of god helps inform his art.

Sal’s thread paintings often depict slews of men engaging in kinky sex, displaying dominant and submissive dynamics. Although his work is raunchy and risque, the bright colors, soft textures, and precise detail make it more cozy than jarring.

Sal took some time away from his craft to chat with us. Find the conversation along with more images of his art after the jump!


!! OMG, Canada’s legendary drag wig and wearable art-fest WIGGLE gets its own documentary !!

Part of the OutSpoken series, Wiggle It is a documentary that follows a group of the artists and performers as they prepare for the queer wearable art and performance festival “Wiggle”.

While the film follows them during the celebration of Wiggle’s multi-event 25th edition in Montreal (Canada), we also learn about the history and humble beginnings of the Canadian art collective The House of Venus who dreamed up this show many moons ago.

Wiggle It Premieres tonight, Thursday November 5th at 9PM EST on OutTV and online at

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