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!! OMG, the new Spitting Image puppets are here and they are terrifying !!

Spitting Image is to return to screens on streaming service BritBox UK this autumn, with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Duke of York among those set to be mocked in puppet form.

The satirical TV show, made famous in the mid-1980s, will also target Donald Trump, Beyonce and Boris Johnson. It’s the first original commission from the BBC and ITV’s streaming service. Check out a full gallery of some of their most famous new puppets to appear after the jump!


!! OMG Meme: Quirky and Relatable !!

Happy Super Tuesday, everybody! Remember when the Bloomberg campaign paid meme creators to shill for Mike and try to make him look cool on Instagram? No one asked us, but here is our contribution, courtesy of talented creator @theotis_world.

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BONUS! For your reference, here are all the meme accounts that took Bloomberg’s money in case you want to unfollow all of them: @MyTherapistSays, @WhitePeopleHumor, @TheFunnyIntrovert, @KaleSalad, @Sonny5ideUp, @Tank.Sinatra, @ShitheadSteve, @adam.the.creator, @moistbudda, @MrsDowJones, @TrashCanPaul, @cohmedy, @NeatDad, @FourTwenty, @GolfersDoingThings, @DrGrayFang, @MiddleClassFancy and @DoYouEvenLift.

!! OMG, McDonald’s is selling Quarter Pounder candles: Bun Ketchup Pickle Cheese Onion + 100% Fresh Beef** !!

“Because there’s no better smell than 100% fresh beef and a perfect combination of toppings” and to “burn together for maximum deliciousness”

McDicks says all 6 limited edition custom scented candles are to be released SOON! Check their website to snatch yours up! Can you EVEN!?

!! OMG, don't miss these !!