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!! OMG, here’s what the 7 forgotten wonders of the world really looked like during their time !!

After in-depth research, design duo Keremcan Kirilmaz and Erdem Batirbek, under the guidance of NeoMam’s art director, and motion graphic artists at Fractal Motion, created lifelike recreations depict how the seven wonders would have looked in their heyday.

Even though most of the wonders have fallen into disrepair, they continued to inspire masterful artists to use their imagination and turn the intangible relicts of Earth’s early civilizations to life. Budget Direct decided to give the modern culture-lovers a chance to visit the majestic ancient structures through a series of photo-realistic 3D renderings.

Check them all out after the jump! How many forgotten wonders have you visited, OMG!?


!! OMG, you stay in a potato, I stay in a potatoe !!

In South Boise, Idaho, you can now book a stay in a giant potato!

This is a six tonne, 28-foot long, 12-foot wide, and 11.5-foot tall potato made of steel, plaster and concrete, originally created by the Idaho Potato Commission to promote the best vegetable of them all. The fake potato toured the state for six years on the back of a truck. When the tour was done, the Idaho Potato Commission were at a bit of a loss when it came to what to do with their giant potato baby, until a tiny house developer, Kristie Wolfe, approached them.Kristie suggested turning the potato into a rental home. The Idaho Potato Commission agreed and gave her free rein to do whatever she fancied with it.

And the rest is history! Check out the interior of the rental potato after the jump! It rents for $200 a night!


!! OMG, git in mah BELLEH! Heinz unveils new ‘Mayocue’, ‘Mayomust’ & ‘Mayochup’ concoctions !!

AMURRRRRICA, fuck yeah! Heinz knows their market! (Actually – Germans will also dig this hard!) Heinz unveiled 2 more mayo-based mashups, MayoMust (mayo + yellow mustard) and MayoCue (mayo + barbecue sauce), to join last year’s mix MayoChup (mayo + ketchup). Would you squirt any of these on yer weiner, OMG!?

!! OMG, how disappointing: Bernhard Willhelm steals drawing from queer artists for use on T-shirt !!

Bernhard Willhelm T-shirt featuring stolen design from Pansy Ass Ceramics, modeled by Aquaria
We were sad to learn that beloved queer brand Bernhard Willhelm has stolen and exploited, either through negligence or hubris, the work of two independent queer artists. Pansy Ass Ceramics (@pansyassceramics) created the enamel pin shown above right in 2017, which features original bird artwork by Pansy Ass partner Kris Aaron (you can buy the pin here).

Willhelm’s team lifted the entire image for use on a T-shirt (we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a Google Image screenshot taken by a lazy design assistant), which was then photographed for a Tush Magazine editorial. Kudos to model Aquaria for calling out the label on its thievery.

Aquaria Bernhard Willhelm apology

At the time of this post, there has been no acknowledgment or apology from the Bernhard Willhelm atelier.

!! OMG, kitties get flat with the “Under-Cats” photo art project !!

Andrius Burba is a photographer from Lithuania. His recent project photographed kitties on a glass plate from underneath!

“Underlook” project started four years ago when I saw a ridiculous looking picture on the Internet. It was a cat sitting on a glass table that was photographed from underneath. I decided to level up the idea and photograph it professionally to see those paws in hi-res and that is how the “Underlook” project was born.

Check out a full gallery of flat cat tummies after the jump!


!! OMG, don't miss these !!