!! OMG, WOOF! Photographer built a special photobooth for dogs and captures their reactions !!

We love this! Photographer Lynn Terry invited puppers to pose in her custom-made photo booth.

“I had these old curtains that looked like old photo booth curtains [so] I tested the idea out while working on a calendar for the local rescue featuring their pit bulls,” Terry told Bored Panda. “I wasn’t sure it would work sort of boxing them in. So my first plan was to take the photos and apply a vintage look with some antique frames that I had.”

The first two pups who modeled for her were living together and were comfortable being in each other’s “dog space.” During the shoot, they spontaneously started kissing and it immediately rolled out into a sequence where Terry could see their little thought bubbles:

“First let’s look at the camera and smile, then let’s look at each other, ok, now quick, make out!”

The photographer absolutely loved it, so she kept playing around with the concept. Eventually, the images went viral and she even published a book called Tails from the Booth. Check out more of Lynn’s photos after the jump!


!! OMG, presenting: A super-GAY Barbie for the ages !!

Gunnar Montana is a Philadelphia-based dancer and performance artist whose work has appeared in numerous festivals across the region. He specializes in “visual art installations, prop-based choreography, set design, costume design, the transformation of atmosphere, and innovative movement, concepts, and ideas.” Yesterday, he posted a video of his latest project. Together with collaborator Colin Burke, he turned himself into a very special and slutty Barbie doll. Check out some more of Gunnar Barbie after the jump!


!! OMG, Detroit’s massive RoboCop statue is finally finished, awaits new home after pandemic !!

It looks like the crowdfunded giant, 11-foot-tall bronze RoboCop statue destined for The Michigan Science Center is FINALLY complete! However, the pandemic has caused the science center to cut back on costs, and now RoboCop needs a new home!

A year ago, the plan for the eagerly awaited RoboCop statue seemed clear. Once completed, it would be installed somewhere outside Detroit’s Michigan Science Center in the spring or summer.

Now the final destination for the monument to pop culture is up in the air again, and the reason is tied to the widespread economic hit museums have taken during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Michigan Science Center will no longer be the permanent home for the grassroots-driven work of art, as first reported by the Metro Times.

Well, “I’d buy that for a dollar!” – come live in my backyard, RoboCop! Check out some more pics of the monument after the jump!


!! OMG, a webcomic: ‘Gay Men to…’ #02 !!

The second installment of “Gay Men to…” a series of beautiful, clever hand-painted webcomics by artist Dylan Glynn, premiering exclusively on OMG.BLOG.

In Glynn’s words:

“Gay men to” started as a comedic observation of conflict in the gay men’s community (“Gay Men to Gay Men”), but then started to branch out to other identities. It makes me think of how gender and sexual identities exist in relation to one another, the tensions and threads that run through some identities and, simultaneously, the walls that divide (“protect”?) them from one another.

Find the first installment of “Gay Men to…” here, and check out “Gay Men to Everyone Else” and “Gay Men to Themselves (with bonus panels)” after the jump!


!! OMG, lady discovers homemade costume book from 1986 in trash featuring some RIDICULOUS costumes !!

Twitter user Alina Pleskova found Jane Asher’s ‘Fancy Dress’ book from 1986 in the trash and decided to share some of the bizarre, over-the-top costumes with the world! This shit is giving us ideas for next Halloween or maybe just the first night back at the CLURB! Check out the costumes after the jump!


!! OMG, Happy Friday! Let’s hope you get as hungover-looking as these Cat Taxidermy FAILS this weekend !!

I mean, sometimes you can’t let little Sparky go – even after they’ve gone on to the big kitty-litter box in the sky! These cat owners may have meant well, but their taxidermied loved ones may have not turned out… exactly as planned. Check out some Cat Taxidermy FAILS after the jump!


!! OMG, don't miss these !!