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!! OMG, enter the world of strange pop culture and cartoon character mash-ups from Aaron Craig !!

Meet Aaron Craig from Sunshine Coast, Australia, whose work is intensely saturated with nostalgic cartoon icons from the ’70s, ’80s, and even through the late ’90s, and some contemporary ones.

His whole work is centered around doing mashups of characters from different cartoon universes. He calls it “Pop Mash”. Being “a huge Masters Of The Universe fan as a kid” himself, the artist borrows from Marvel and DC comics, the Simpsons, the Hanna Barbera universe, Warner Bros, and much more. Sometimes the references go far beyond cartoons and seep into the general Pop Culture as a whole. Considering how much he draws from, the possibilities are near-endless.

Check out a full gallery of Aaron’s work after the jump!


!! OMG, taking a look back at Syd Brak’s visionary work and how it helped define the 80s !!

Syd Brak’s glossy, airbrushed images featuring spikey glam rock-colored hair and equally eye-popping David Bowie-esque makeup helped fuel the boundary-pushing looks of the New Romantic movement. They are also reminiscent of looks created by two popular makeup artists from the early 1970s, Pierre La Roche, and legendary Australian makeup artist Richard Sharah—both of whom worked extensively with Bowie, Steve Strange of Visage, Gary Numan, and Toyah. The decade of the 80s belonged to Brak and other airbrush artists, as the medium took over art in that decade, appearing on everything from book covers, to albums, VHS tapes, and of course, posters. Brak was one of the most popular/in-demand artists of the decade. If you are a child of the 80s, Brak’s artwork will be instantly recognizable to you, much like the artwork of Patrick Nagel, intrinsically linked to the neon decade as well.

Find a full gallery of Syd after the jump!


!! OMG, CUTE! This artist makes tiny flower bouquets !!

Tania Lissova is a paper artist from Tyumen, Russia who makes a variety of extremely intricate nature-themed crafts, including postcards, posters, envelopes, stickers, and framed pictures. One of her more eye-catching projects is to create miniature flower bouquets made completely from paper. Check out more of her creations after the jump!


!! OMG, Montreal collective Never Apart launches #thewigglechallenge Wig/Headpiece contest !!

To keep the creative juices flowing during these isolated times, Never Apart and the Wiggle Festival are producing an online contest to create inspiring wigs or headpieces using household and recycled items. The contest launches May 15th and ends June 30th. Winners will be contacted on June 30th to celebrate Pride, and we will share their creations!⁠

To enter the contest follow @neverapartmtl and @thewigglefestival on Instagram and then post a photo of your creation with the hashtag #thewigglechallenge

► Most Innovative $500 CAD
► Most Prideful $500 CAD
► Youth category (under 15 years of age) $500 CAD

With celebrity judges:

Canadian Supermodel Eve Salvail
American Drag legend Peaches Christ
Parisian Transdisciplinary Artist Mehryl Levisse

!! OMG, Disney+ shares new plan for LGBTQ coming-out story short ‘OUT’ !!

Disney+ has announced that the newest Pixar SparkShorts project, Out, will debut on the streaming service tomorrow, May 22. The new short tells the story of Greg, who is struggling to come “out” to his parents, and his dog. Look cute! Check out the trailer above!

!! OMG, this artist imagined what would happen if Coronavirus hit Disney World !!

AL, known as @aldoarts, imagined what would happen if coronavirus shook the Disney world as well. The artist recreates popular Corona memes and funny scenarios with some of our favorite cartoon characters. AL finds fun and irony in relatable pandemic-themed situations such as social distancing, the toilet paper and sanitizer craze, overeating, new home-fashion trends, and romantic struggles.

Checkout AL’s illustrations after the jump!


!! OMG, don't miss these !!