!! OMG, they’re naked: Cast of ‘Dating Naked, Germany’ !!

Dating Naked Germany 2023

With what is sure to elicit cries of inequity about North American cable television prudery, may we introduce Dating Naked, Germany! It all leaves me wondering… Are there no pubes in all of Germany?

Meet some of the cast after the NSFW jump!

Take your pick!

Once again, for the guy on the far right!

And our personal favorite Fabio De Pasquale, who you can follow on Instagram, if you’d like to get to know him better.

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28 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked: Cast of ‘Dating Naked, Germany’"

  1. I wish dating naked in the US or at least a show like Naked attraction was allowed in the US. I feel like the point of the show is missed when we don’t see the cast naked (that might be the nude lover in me but anyways)

    Back on subject I’m into every guy here is attractive definitely would watch this season of dating naked just for them.

  2. Could anyone who moderates this site PLEASE filter and ignore/block/delete all the “eww tattoos” and “eww no pubes” comments, PLEASE?!
    If you don’t like it, keep scrolling. I don’t like every post on here myself, but as an adult, I don’t whine and cry about them. Jeez…

  3. Fabio is cute, but that tall dude of colour on the far right is my type, I especially like ‘showers’ w. Big Dicks, too! I love tats, but some dudes just go overboard w. that shit to the point it uglyfies their bodies! Luv, Grey

  4. NO PUBES!!! EWWWWW!!!! Looks like a boy NOT a MAN.

  5. That tattooed man is the only worthy one there! Dayum!

  6. I love French, Balkan and Spanish men, cuz, they see pubes as natural.
    American and Germanic/Nordic world is plagued with men who are ashamed of either bodies, pubes, foreskin (only for American in this case).

    Please, pubes are given by nature for a reason, don’t grow them like a jungle but atleast have some

    • Enough with this pubes nonsense already! It’s a personal preference. You can keep yours if you want but don’t tell anybody else what to do with their pubes!
      The men are gorgeous! I’m binging this show tonight!

  7. straight dating

  8. I’m looking forward to the day when tats are out again, and pubic hair is back!

  9. I miss Shannon’s comments. He gets everyone so riled up.

  10. How did I know most comments would be about pubes when I saw the pics?

    • Lol, Right!! It’s strange how people are triggered by other peoples grooming habits…

      • Because they’re stupid grooming habits. Natural is better. Shaved looks like a boy. Men do it to look bigger BUT aren’t. It’s also not cleaner. There’s a reason for hair. DUH!!!

        • Pretty sure you wouldn’t have a chance with them or any guy with that terrible personality of yours. Shaved or full bush. DUH!!!

  11. Does no one in Germany have pubes?

  12. Can we please bring back pubes for the men! I miss the 70s says the guy born in 99

  13. Who’s the tall tatted guy?

  14. Where are the pubes???? So tired of this “bald” trend.

    • Trend?!? LMFAO That implies it’s a quick or small time frame in which it takes place. People have been shaving their pubes since the mid to late 80’s. That’s not a trend, it’s a lifestyle choice. Huge difference.

  15. Sad & not sexy…..

    • So is your lack of knowledge about punctuation marks in the English language. An ellipsis, or that “dot-dot-dot thingy, is just that: THREE dots. What’s truly sad is how an entire sect of a HUGE portion of the population who have themselves preached tirelessly about seeking equality and inclusion can be so prejudicial towards others for how they choose to present their own bodies.

  16. Wow! Fabio is a hot guy! I can even look past the hideous leg tattoo! I hate them, not just his. I assume all participants are required to shave their entire bodies because all of them are completely hairless.

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