!! Democrats talk to the blogosphere !!

All of the leading Democratic candidates for President spoke to bloggers at the Yearly Kos Convention last weekend. PoliticsTV.com has compiled their remarks into concise reels that for the first time illustrate distinct differences between Senators Clinton, Obama, and Edwards.
Barack Obama: I especially liked his comments about China: Not only how we need to reduce our economic independence on them if we are to have any diplomatic leverage, but also how China is now competing with the U.S. worldwide on investments and humanitarian projects.

John Edwards: I do love him, especially with his new lefty persona, but I couldn’t help getting the feeling he was trying to sell me something with every comment. Still, along with Senator Obama, he is a strong voice against special interests and his contribution to the dialogue will no doubt move us closer to public campaign financing.

Hillary Clinton: She takes some flack for taking money from Washington lobbyists, but as usual gives thoughtful, articulate responses to all her questions while reiterating her commitment to enacting universal healthcare. Of the three candidates here, Hillary is the only one to actually acknowledge and share with us the complexities of the political system and how she plans to work within it rather than glossing it all over with catch phrases and meaningless optimism. Her comparison of her failed 1993 attempt to pass universal healthcare to her current plan is especially interesting.

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  1. Too bad Obama wants to invade Pakistan.

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