!! OMG, WATCH: Draco Malfoy has a new Uber Eats commerical !!

Bippitym, bobbity – BOOP! We all need dat paycheque honey! And so does Draco Malfoy. Which is why Harry Potter’s Tom Felton is ordering up some magic via Uber in a new ad out this week. Check it out after the jump!

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2 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Draco Malfoy has a new Uber Eats commerical"

  1. Poor Tom-Daniel was nominated for an Emmy and he’s doing this crap

    • Daniel has also gotten exceedingly fit!

      I bet all those sad lonely straight housewives (and underemployed librarians) in the deep south (and elsewhere) and all those tween Asian girls still writing middle age Harry/Draco slash fic aren’t really picturing THIS Draco with CURRENT Harry!

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