!! Dubai not as modern as it seems !!

15-year-old French student Alex Robert was raped by three men in Dubai and had to flee the country for fear of being arrested on charges of “criminal homosexual activity.” Even worse, the authorities neglected to tell him and his family that one of the rapists, a former convict, tested positive for HIV in 2003.
As Alex’s family and the French authorities are working to get the men arrested, his mother has set up a website where you can lend words of support to their ongoing legal struggle. (via Queerty)

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4 Comments on "Dubai not as modern as it seems"

  1. This story is really heart breaking. I hope that Dubai’s awful laws cause lots of rich people to leave.

  2. I hope to god that that poor boy doesn’t wind up with HIV or AIDs. I will never go to Dubai now & will encourage others not to go.
    Rape is just wrong.

  3. arabs have a looooong way to go before I can consider them civilized.

  4. wealth+science≠progress
    this is so sad

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