!! Dangerous !!

!! OMG, Former Cock Destroyer, Sophie Anderson, asks fans for help after her breast causes sepsis, necrosis !!

Were you a Cock Destroyers fan? Did the girls bring joy into your life during lockdown? Well, an angel needs your help!

Former Cock Destroyer, Sophie Anderson, has asked her fans for help after her breast implant has become infected and caused her dangerous sepsis as well as necrosis. The adult film stars says her health is in danger and that she is having trouble affording the surgeries. She’s created a GoFundMe and shared this message:

hello my wonderful guys & girlies & non binary friends.
I hope your all doing well.
So After my forth time of having sepsis in a year in my boob, unfortunately, it got so bad this time that I got a puss build up..after squeezing out all the puss in the hospital desperate to save the implant I was left with necrosis. The dead skin died and the implant totally came through the skin. The implant pushed the nipple to the side and now I’ve got to have the implant removed to save my body from getting sepsis into my organs.
After 3 months of having no breast implant I can then go back to DR REVIS at South Florida Plastic Surgery to get reconstruction surgery and start my journey again from 800cc.
I wouldn’t have just started this page if I had the money… unfortunately, things haven’t been easy as I had my fans sites taken away mental and financial difficulties. I’m not ashamed..it’s how life is and we keep on going.
so I’m asking for donations to get that surgery after I have the implant taken out. I know it’s expensive but it’s total reconstruction of both boobs and nipples.
thank you for your support
honestly thank you
Sophie xxx

If tiddies bring you joy are the charity of your choice, you can help Sophie get one of the UK’s two most-precious crown jewels fixed – and at the same time, get her safe and healthy!

And while you’re at it, zaddy – when you’re done helping Sophie, why not top-up your donations to the Ukraine for this week via one of these charities! Kindness is THE look.

!! OMG, tired of old-fashioned car care? Try the CROTCH CANNON !!

If you’re a dad who doesn’t embarrass their kids enough – then here’s the perfect product to make their summer that much more humiliating! The car-washing CROTCH CANNON!

Yes, you can now spurt suds from your nether-regions and down dere parts for all your neighbors to see… well, until they call the cops at least! This product is Australian. Hm. Never would have guessed! Check out more pics of this 2022 invention after the jump and grab yours today for only 150!


!! OMG, this Instagram account collects photos of preachers wearing expensive designer items !!

Instagram account @PreachersNSneakers calls out celebrity church leaders for their expensive footwear and other overpriced designer items. Sorry – but aside from the fact that these pastors ask your poor families for money while they wear sneakers that are worth thousands of dollars — we’re just upset that they would want to dress in such hideous items, to begin with! Like, $20K for that ugly-ass coat!? Honey, no. Check out a full gallery after the jump! Amen!


!! OMG, Adult performer and SLAG WARS host Matthew Camp’s home torched in suspected hate attack !!

On January 14, a masked arsonist poured gasoline on the front porch of Matthew Camp‘s Poughkeepsie, PA home, and set the house ablaze while he and his roommate were asleep inside.

Surveillance footage captured the individual around 5am. Camp and his roommate awoke and were able to escape the home in time, but the home burned down completely and they lost everything they own. Camp just purchased the home in October, and suspects that this attack was a hate crime because he is gay and a sex worker.

In a WTF turn of events, prior to Camp purchasing the home Joe “Netherworld” Mendillo, a high-ranking member of the Church of Satan, owned it, using the building as a space for his religious community to gather for Halloween. Members of the Church of Satan believe the space was targeted due to its historic nature, with many members of the Church living in the surrounding neighborhood.

This is absolutely awful! To donate to Matthew and his roommate Six Carter to help them recover from this tragedy, you can donate HERE or HERE. An attack against one of us is an attack against all of us in the LGBTQ community!

!! OMG, South Dakota ER nurse says some dying patients still don’t believe COVID is real !!


Even on their COVID deathbeds, they’re still in denial apparently! Eeesh! Check out one nurse’s interview above!

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