!! OMG, quote of the day: Elton John: ‘I am a European – not a stupid, imperialist English idiot’ !!

“I’m ashamed of my country for what it has done. It’s torn people apart … I am sick to death of politicians, especially British politicians. I am sick to death of Brexit. I am a European. I am not a stupid, colonial, imperialist English idiot.”

Elton John on England as of late.

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6 Comments on "OMG, quote of the day: Elton John: ‘I am a European – not a stupid, imperialist English idiot’"

  1. Hans Niemeijer | June 3, 2019 at 11:01 am | Reply

    I find it more SHOCKING that Rocketman is five minutes shorter in Russia. Due to censorship imposed by the anti LGBT++++++ government.

  2. You can be both European and English. The EU is not Europe. Not every European nation is in the EU even today. Is Switzerland not European? Is Norway, are all the Balkan nations, etc?
    England was European before the EU and it will be after the EU. Joining the fraternity doesn’t make you cool.

  3. Has nobody told him about the history of the rest of Europe?

    Even Belgium has a disgusting colonial past.


  4. I love Europe!

  5. No, Mr. John. You are just a run-of-the-mill idiot. Sorry, but attitudes like this are going to turn voters off and compel them to vote for the opposition. So, after hearing more diatribes like this, maybe in the “People’s Vote” that celebrities like him are calling for, the vote to leave will increase by wide margins. Good job, woke celebrities!

  6. Money doesn’t cure ignorance. Just continue to sing Bernie’s stupid lyrics, and milk your fans on your neverending final tour.

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