!! OMG, why not wear it? Esmay Wagemans’ see-through sculptures !!

Ready to take your drip to the next level? A wet, hot summer is within reach if you dare to rock one of Amsterdam-based artist Esmay Wageman’s sultry sculptures.

Cardi B in Esmay Wagemans

Cardi B. in Esmay Wagemans

You may recall the custom lewk Wagemans made for Cardi B.’s A clear winner in terms of iconic music video moments, IMHO.

Wagemans, who studied Transformation Design at Rotterdam’s prestigious Willem de Kooning Academy, has also crafted slippery-seeming, goodie-baring garb for Rosalía and Solange.

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Rosalía in Esmay Wagemans

Rosalía in Esmay Wagemans

Solange in Esmay Wagemans

Solange in Esmay Wagemans

And Wagemans keeps the creativity flowing, making moulded masterpieces that deftly renegotiate the realm of exhibitionism.

Thanks to a spectre of stickiness, her breastplates in particular cast a staggeringly sexy sheen on wearers. This isn’t like cookie-cutter mall bought lingerie, though. A layer of complexity and vulnerability is present.

There’s also a sense of romance in Wagemans’ work, not to mention an overtly organic attitude to the shapes and silhouettes she’s able to render with resin, moving it away from the CIS, straight male gaze of what’s typically promoted as appealing.

Through these pieces, the entire body is essentially revealed as an erogenous zone beckoning us for attention. Something in the soft, supple curves of how her objects come together is supremely sensual…almost inexplicably so.

Speaking in a recent interview with Dazed to herald her new Originals series, Wagemans was hesitant to present the pieces with a notion of grandiose intention behind them—and also asserted that because of their uncomfortable nature, her pieces are more “one-off performance pieces rather than fashion items.” (Perhaps you could prove her wrong, sauna enthusiasts?!)

“[T]here was no big idea behind it, no value dedicated to the pieces, just very simple design, which actually came out of a technical mistake,” she said, nodding to a school days “experiment” while investigating the relationship between nudity and clothing. Wagemans found herself “hand-moulding transparent, thermoplastic sheets over the body (because she couldn’t afford a vacuum machine)”.

And the rest is hedonistic history.

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