!! OMG, why not wear it? Christian Cowan’s furball ‘fit in Paris + other fav looks from Fashun Month SS24 !!

A look from the Christian Cowan Spring/Summer 2024 collectionWell, SOMEONE heard my call for something interesting to finally happen during fashion month!

Christian Cowan sent a ginormous furball lewk down the runway at his recent Spring/Summer 2024 show in Paris—she even escaped for a while to tromp through Place Vendôme.

See this and the other highlights of fashion month after the jump!


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And Canadian model Coco Rocha donned a disco ball “dress” from the same collection for a dinner honoring the Business of Fashion 500.

Coco Rocha wears Christian Cowan SS24Go bulbous or go home, babe!

Speaking of rotund refinement, Undercover designer Jun Takahashi delighted show-goers with a spooky set of looks lit from within—wearable terrariums complete with butterflies flitting around inside.

A luminescent look from the Undercover Spring/Summer 2024 collection But perhaps vestiary vases are too saccharine for your taste? At the Ashish show in London, things took a tangy turn…

A look from the Ashish Spring/Summer 2024 collectionKnown for his deft work with sequins, designer Ashish Gupta embellished a crochet balaclava with them and paired with tiger stripe underpants.

Oh… undies aren’t your thing? No prob! Newly minted movie star Jordan Firstman made the case for going gitch-free at the Barragán show.


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To complete this divinely dishabille vibe, consider a pair of Y/Project’s Snap Off boots from its SS24 collection.

Y/Project SS24 bootsSuffice to say, the Spring/Summer 2024 season seems to offer something for everyone!

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4 Comments on "OMG, why not wear it? Christian Cowan’s furball ‘fit in Paris + other fav looks from Fashun Month SS24"

  1. Just remember while this happened, people are at war, dying, starving, desparate, lonely, addicted, scared, beaten, abused….
    What a waste.

    • Read some history | October 14, 2023 at 8:44 am | Reply

      Yes thom all those things you mentioned are indeed happening. But even during the darkest days of WWII people were still going to listen to live music and dressing up for parties, even if it was in homemade costumes. They needed something to distract from the horrors. And you wanted them to do what? Shut down the world? Don’t be so naive.

      • I’m not naive and I’m well versed in history. Fashion Week with runways is enourmously expensive and includes very few people. Making your own costumes and your own music is entirely different. Sigining off on this, as a college-educated professional musician that encourages people to learn music and enjoy affordable live music.

        • History revisited | October 20, 2023 at 7:20 am | Reply

          Your response merely reinforced my points: 1) yes, you do think the world should stop and 2) that is naive. Did you think the government should step in and cancel everything someone deems a waste of money? And reappropriate those funds for something else? The world tried that once and it was called communism.

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