!! OMG, why not wear it? Feyfey Worldwide Air Purses !!

Feyfey Worldwide air pursesLife is a performance, isn’t it? We get up every day to do our stupid little tasks—sometimes going out and sometimes staying in, all while usually being on to some degree.

We can surprise and delight others through our words and our actions, but I believe it’s always the MOST fun to do it through our wardrobes.

Heeding this call for everyday entertainment, Feyfey Yufei Liu—the creative behind Feyfey Worldwide who splits her time between New York and London—has designed quite a sartorial spectacle with her Air Purses.

These billowy bags, complete with ‘lil fans, will blow the minds of anyone you care to wow with what you’re wearing. Plus, they can also be used as a pillow—snaps to multi-functional accessories forever.

After the jump, check out Feyfey Worldwide’s head-turning fully inflatable fashion looks.

According to Ap0cene, an e-tail platform where you can purchase one of these pieces, the inspiration came from “a desire for women to take up space and reject the requirement to always dress in a serious manner.”

Yes to all of the above! And may I add a “beep beep, bitch.”

Indeed, these bulging beauties aren’t Feyfey Worldwide’s first foray into inflatable looks—its oeuvre is full of buoyant finery.

“slowly but surely take up space” by FeyFey WorldwideGiving a whole new meaning to the concept of one’s personal bubble, I would love nothing more than to glide down the sidewalk with a merry method of margin-making eliciting this type of reaction:

What I find most pleasing about Liu’s work is how it uncannily acknowledges that the world is a stage, but also that opportunities for making our daily activities a production have expanded in scope.

We all find ourselves reaching out into social spheres not only in person, but online, introducing our opinions, our dance moves and our makeup hacks into the thought bubbles of others.

It only makes sense to augment this inclination with wearable, boundary-pushing protuberances that say, “I’m here—now pay attention.”

What’s more, there’s no allowance for minimizing feelings or ideas when your own form can flourish in front of someone’s eyes!

If the notion that “to be it, you have to see it” is accurate, then allow Liu’s work to manifest the most effervescent version of yourself.

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