!! OMG Stars: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, November 2020 !!

OMG Stars by Amelia EhrhardtFull Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

Leading up to this eclipse, I’ve been preparing to write about how eclipses are a common, normal occurrence. Most years have two Lunar eclipses and around four Solar eclipses. I’d been ready to talk about change as normal, and the way that eclipses set the stage for the kind of change that happens all the time. I’ve been fighting the fact that it’s so easy to write so dramatically about astrology.

And then the energy of this eclipse (along with a couple difficult transits in my own chart) showed up and I thought okay… right. This is an eclipse in a new sign. This is a new area of life being cleared for preparation.

Eclipses occur in opposite signs as they are basically supercharged full moons (when the sun and moon are opposite) or new moons (when the sun and moon are conjunct). They will activate a polarity in your chart between two signs and houses, calling attention to these being areas of change during eclipse seasons. The last set of eclipses took place in the Cancer-Capricorn polarity from November 2018 until this summer, where, after moving back and forth including a full moon and eclipse in Sagittarius this June, the eclipses have now settled in Gemini-Sagittarius where they will remain until 2022. The last time the North Node was in Gemini was from 2001-2003, and last in its opposite sign of Sagittarius from 2011 – 2012.

But since eclipses are so common, it’s important to look at them against the backdrop of what is less common, which is the movement of the slow outer planets. In this case, we look at an eclipse alongside the very tail end of the last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn of 2020, an event which happened three times this year and which coincided almost exactly with spikes and changes in COVID-19 cases globally.

And then, also against Jupiter and Saturn, now about to form their great conjunction of 2020, an event interesting for its astrological significance and for the light show it will give us in the sky. They will begin their conjunction in late Capricorn and end in early Aquarius.

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in GeminiI’m seeing this eclipse as a table being cleared off after an extended set of difficult meetings about one topic. The slow-movers of our solar system were joining in Capricorn for some kind of summit this year that really fucked us up (see all those “meatier vs. meteor” type of jokes making the rounds on Tiktok), and this meeting in Aquarius rings in a whole new cycle of astrology.

So, this eclipse in Aquarius’s sister air sign of Gemini, clears the table (vigorously, perhaps) in order for this new set of conversations to happen. I mean, nothing happens if the table doesn’t get cleared, so grab the important things before they get kicked off and let the rest fall.

In the body, Gemini rules the nervous system. Very gemininian, the nervous system works on processing new experience and categorizing it with other similar kinds of experience, which then helps us react in future similar situations. With this in mind, it wouldn’t’ surprise me if people’s bodies are feeling fried right now. Seek out ways to reset your own overloaded nervous system right now: suggestions for bodywork specific to your sign are in each horoscope, feel free to engage with the suggestions in whatever way is available to you.

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Aries and Aries rising
Aries readers have had a lot of activity with Mars in your sign this year, so speaking to you about a completely different topic, in a sign not your own and not messing with your own, is a nice feeling. In fact Gemini is a good friend to Aries: where Aries wants to do stuff and win, Gemini will give Aries all kinds of ideas on ways to win. The show “We Are the Champions” on Netflix right now very much feels to me like what happens when Gemini and Aries get together. Gemini says “well what if we tried this…” and then Aries responds “YEAH and then we could WIN AT IT”.

Aries rising readers have this eclipse in your third house of communication. The third house also has to do with short trips and with our siblings – I always find it one of the funny catch-all houses, but then Gemini is a bit of a catch-all sign. So while this eclipse could align with endings that have to do with either of these topics, the most general to write about is the way you speak and what you speak about.  Think about what kinds of thematics of speech you encountered in early June of this year, and in how that may have been challenged when you brought it out into the world.

To connect in your body on this eclipse, work with your breath and the organs where speech takes place. Notice that the throat, where you can have a tactile sensation of breath, is also where you speak from. Breathe and relax your neck, then observe the way you activate these muscles in speech. Notice if you clench unnecessarily, or move in any way that may be unnecessary.  Feel the nerves of this area by offering yourself a gentle neck massage, focusing on the line moving up your shoulder and into your neck, palpating this area gently while thinking about everything you want to be sure you say in the future.

Taurus and Taurus rising
Taurus readers continue to be backseat observers on this year’s astrology just waiting for your emergence next year while Saturn and Uranus square, but for now Taurus the astrology is still relatively kind to your lot.

An eclipse in Gemini also doesn’t aspect Taurus planets in any particular way, but Taurus rising readers have this eclipse in your 2nd house of resources and values. Your own money and your own core sense of what you place value on on. Thinking back to early June, notice how things are changing here after. Any money things coming up now may very well have started then. Use this energy to have a lot of curiosity about your values, both perhaps taking a wide inventory of your actual money and doing a deep dive into how you show value for things, people, and ideas.

To connect with your body in this eclipse, bring your awareness to the base of your skull and notice any sensation and tension there. This area is extremely sensitive and gently connecting with it can be very soothing. Gently press your fingers in and around the bony nodules at the base of your skull and top of your neck, feeling your skull in your hands while you do so. It can feel especially nice to rub your thumbpads around the base of your skull and wrap your fingers around to your temples so you are holding your whole head in your hands. Do this while considering how you wish to relate to your possessions and values moving forwards, and particularly how you want to deal with any changes happening in this part of your life.

Gemini and Gemini rising 
Last lunation I spoke to you Gemini readers about the North Node and the beginnings of eclipses in your sign. Here we are, Gemini. Eclipses in one of our main signs mean a couple of years where Astrologers are gonna be talking about your sign a lot, so be sure to take note of some of the upcoming hot takes. Whether you are a Gemini sun or Gemini rising, this eclipse is gonna signify energy changes around your identity. For Gemini sun people, this will be on an energetic level, perhaps with uncomfortable moods coming up around the eclipse dates.

It’ll be a little more explicit for Gemini rising people, who have this eclipse in their 1st house. The best energy to work with here is around taking extra good care of your body by listening to how your needs have changed. Think of how your body has been though a lot, and ask how to treat it better. The upcoming Sagittarius eclipses will highlight the part of your chart that is about your identity alongside your closest relationships: ask yourself while reflecting on the health of your body, have your relationships been good to your body? What cycles of interrelating last culminated in June that you can look back to now? Have you been honest with yourself (and with those closest to you), about your needs? If not, how is that manifesting in the body right now? Listen as best you can and implement the changes that will most support you when you go out into the world.

To connect in your body on this eclipse, pay attention to sensation in your skin. The way your nervous system interacts with the parts of you that are the first veil between the outer world and yourself. Spend some moments meditating on the feel of clothing on your skin, the texture of whatever you are sitting on. Bring your fingers into light touch with your face and try to experience both you touching yourself and your face being touched, paying special attention to the nerve lines moving from around your ear spreading out onto your cheeks and face. In this way you can connect to Gemini and 1st House energy while the moon activates this part of your chart.

Cancer and Cancer rising
So the relief of this eclipse, Cancer, is that it’s no longer taking place in your sign or opposite sign. Since 2018 the eclipses had been in Cancer-Capricorn, meaning that those supercharged full and new moons have been hitting you in the gut. It wouldn’t surprise me if the last couple of years came with a lot of change for you. While they move out of your sign, Cancer sun folks get to say goodbye to this energy and wait until your natal astrology is next affected by an eclipse (and look to your rising sign horoscope for information about where these ones will hit you.

Cancer rising people have these new eclipses in your 12th and 6th houses – Gemini in your 12th and Sagittarius in your 6th. So since this lunar eclipse is in Gemini, your 12th house is hit with the energy of change. This is Piscean territory about which I often say, the more I study astrology, the less I understand the 12th house. The most practical information I can give you is to take careful note of what your dreams are telling you, particularly on the nights closest to the eclipse. You are in a space of non-understanding. Be gentle, and give yourself space to allow for that confusion. Look back to early June of this year for some hints at ways this energy might feel. The things that are changing are going to take a long time to show up, if at all.

To connect in your body on this eclipse, bring sensation to the nerves of your feet. The feet are highly sensitive and incredibly strong, but we spend very little time in western culture with our feet exposed. I encourage you on this eclipse to be barefoot in your home and feel the ground underneath the pads of your feet. After spending some time with this curiosity, sit down and give yourself a gentle foot massage, working through the long bones of the foot, paying attention to the line from the inside of your heel, diagonally through the bottom center of your foot, and in the creases between each toe where the nerves of the foot run. This connects you to the Gemini nerve and 12th house territory of the feet while the moon activates this part of your chart.

Leo and Leo Rising 
Leo readers continue to wait until 2021 for any major activity in your sign, so for now those of you with sun in Leo need to wait until then for some hot takes. That said, Gemini and Leo are signs that get along great, so this eclipse between the two can bring out the energy of Gemini curiosity being fed by Leo generosity. Think of the Geminis in your life and how you get along for a clue of this energy.

Leo rising people have this eclipse in your 11th house of community and friends. Leo generally loves to relate to its people, and a crisis in this area of life can be stressful. Has there been a change in your social group? In your organization? I ask you Leo to consider how you can bring generosity to any changes in social groups you are a part of and seek to be a support as much as you can while this is happening.

To connect in your body on this eclipse, work with the nerves of your lower leg. The muscles in this area are hard workers in walking, standing, foot movement, running, climbing stairs…anything that gets us around the world. A fun thing about working with this part of the body is that you can connect to so much else: the big Sciatic nerve runs through the back of your knee and calves. Sitting in a chair with your knees bent and feet elevated, bring your hands to the back of your calf and move them as though you are gently kneading the big calf muscle apart. Do this starting at the bottom of the calf up into the back of the knee, and then gently palpate the soft area there. Consider the ways you want to support your social groups while you support the part of your body that will bring you to them.

Virgo and Virgo rising
Gemini and Virgo do not get along too well: When I have clients who have this placement, I describe it that the Gemini placements are always pulling in more information, experiences, ideas, while the Virgo placements are desperately trying to organize the last shit that Gemini brought home. It’s challenging energy, Virgo, since Gemini is your co-Mercury-ruled sign and squares your own.

Virgo rising readers have this eclipse in your 10th house of career. It’s likely that there’s been lots of change in your career since early June, given how the changes to our world have impacted our work, so this eclipse asks you to check in with those changes and ensure that they’re all working out for you.

To connect in your body on this eclipse, try the visualization exercise of feeling your bones. In some places we can actually feel our bones, often in our hands, around our feet, or our skulls, but wherever they are palpable for you, bring your hands to them and apply light pressure. The bones carry us, give our bodies structure, and support, but they’re not generally considered a tactile organ. As you apply pressure to your skeleton imagine you can feel your entire skeleton as a unit, so that when you press your pinkie knuckle you are in fact touching your entire skeleton. Consider the ways the structure of your work life may need to change and the ways that changes to one part of it will affect the whole system as you consider this large structural system of your body.

Libra and Libra rising 
Gemini is your sibling air sign, Libra, and this eclipse brings energetic change that might be ever so slightly supportive to you. If nothing else, I encourage you to drink up any positive feelings you’re getting and consider them cosmic.

Libra rising readers have this eclipse in your 9th house of expansion. This house is of learning, of travel, of religion and of higher learning, and an eclipse could call up a crisis in these areas of your life. This may be about finally accepting that travel plans need to be cancelled, a problem at school, or an uncovering of some deep old religious upbringing shit. Whatever it is allow crisis to be change, and treat this as a learning opportunity.

To connect in your body on this eclipse, bring your attention to your hips. There are is a lot of big nerve activity in this region, so be super gentle with yourself. If it is available to you, bring one foot on top of the opposite knee, and gently rock onto the hip of the raised leg. Feel if this gets at any bum/read hip tension that might be inflamed. In the front of your hip, use your thumbs to gently palpate the front socket of your hip. These areas are often parts of the body that hold trauma, so particularly if this brought up that religious stuff aforementioned, be very careful. Feel the sensations of your own hips while you think of how to expand into the future.

Scorpio and Scorpio rising
Scorpio as a sign is not badly hit by this eclipse, so I will save any general commentary about that for another time, but all Scorpio people get to feel the energy of Venus in your natal sign for the next two weeks. Enjoy the sensuality of our collective energy on your wavelength while it lasts.

Scorpio rising people have Gemini in your ruling 8th house. An eclipse here might feel particularly bad: this could other people’s problems really biting you in the ass. I so want to tell you to let this shit go and not carry someone else’s weight for the rest of eclipse season, but I know Scorpio never forgets anything. So instead Scorpio I invite you to transform what someone else’s shit is doing to you. Recycle that garbage into new beautiful stuff in your life, Scorpio.

To connect in your body on this eclipse, Scorpio gets to get intimate. Scorpio, as I mentioned last lunation, rules the reproductive organs and the expulsion organs: sex and shit. So, Scorpio, I truly believe that in order to connect with this lunation energy and your body, it’s a great idea to masturbate. But do it with some special awareness, some extra care: light the candles, close the curtains, use your hands, be super tactile in bringing pleasure to your body via these extremely sensitive nervey areas. You’re welcome.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising
This eclipse is still just the beginning of these next two years of change in your sign, Sagittarius, so whether you’re a Sagittarius Sun or Rising (or moon), the closer these eclipses are to the degrees of your own Sag placements, the more you’re gonna feel this. Think back to the Sag full moon on June 5th and think of what you tried to leave behind then.

Sagittarius rising readers have this lunation in your 7th house of partnership. It’s time to let the drama go. Let the confusion and the unwanted messiness and too-much-information in your one-on-one relationships go. Clarify what you want and who you want it with. Be true to the people who show themselves to be true to you. Be scrupulous in who deserves your best energy, and don’t offer it to anyone who doesn’t.

To connect with your body on this eclipse, get into your internal organs. The 7th house is associated with the lumbar region, and I always like to have my mind blown by thinking about the fact that the spine runs through the center of our body: we think about it as our back, but it’s actually pretty close to our center and organs. Bring your hands to your belly and your lower back and with wide open palms, rub this area and think of sending gentle warmth to your organs, particularly your kidneys: these are the part of the body that deal with getting toxicity out, so if any of that one-on-one stuff spoken about above brought up any drama, thank your kidneys for their work and see if you can feel all the way deep in your center.

Capricorn and Capricorn rising 
Capricorns everywhere must be rejoicing with this eclipse as a moment when Astrologers are not talking all about your sign in 2020. Just counting down the weeks til Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius.

Capricorn rising readers have this eclipse in your 6th house of day to day life. I hope you are not experiencing crises here, dear Capricorns, because those kinds of crises have an annoying tendency to bother every part of our life. Balance these crises out by spending time alone engaging with your favorite kinds of escapism.

To connect with your body on this eclipse, I encourage you to get into the healing energy of a bath or shower. Water wraps around the whole body and brings our attention to our system as a whole when we notice it, and hygiene is one of the more pleasurable and important activities of our daily routines. Make it a nice one, slow, noticing the heat of the water on your skin, the pressure on your scalp, the smells of your products. It’s such a cliché to wash away a bad day, but Capricorn risings, I think now is the time to get into that cliché.

Aquarius and Aquarius rising
Aquarius, we still wait on next month when Astrologers will be talking a lllotttt about your lot when Jupiter and Saturn finally move back into your signs. For now this eclipse brings up some co-air-sign energy through Gemini, bringing a bit of familiar air energy for you to take advantage of.

Aquarius rising readers have this lunation in your 5th house. This house has to do with pleasure, with creative practice, with dating and falling in love…all kinds of good stuff, but also an area where it really sucks to experience crisis or change. I encourage you to work creatively as the house suggests through any challenges you are facing right now. Let crisis be stimulus; let change be sexy. Ride any chaos as you arenatally capable of.

To connect with your body on this eclipse, connect with your heart centre. Sit in quiet and bring your hands to your heart, listening if you can to the rhythm of your heartbeat. Notice the physical sensations of breath and of the expansion and contraction of the lungs. The heart is an area of the body to which we ascribe a lot of metaphorical meaning, so connect with the emotional resonance of this area as well as the physiological. Bring love to your heart and see how this physically feels: send pleasure here, seek creativity from here, and relish in the good feelings it produces.

Pisces and Pisces rising

Pisces and Gemini are the two signs in the Zodiac I most associate with “too much”: Gemini loves to gather, to find, to add more, and Pisces just can’t help but think of everyone and everything at the same time. These signs stress each other out for that reason, as Pisces is prone to overwhelm and Gemini is so very into plenty. Try to give yourself much space to process the plethora of Gemininian energy this eclipse.

Pisces readers have this eclipse in your fourth house of home. This house refers to the physical house you live in, as well as your family of origin, and/or anyone else you consider family. An eclipse here might bring up some old stuff. It might also bring up a literal crisis in your home. Sometimes these two things bring each other up – a sudden burst pipe can be a reminder of trying to watch our parents deal with a plumbing crisis, or needing to get new furniture makes us think of the furniture we grew up with. Particularly for sentimental Pisces, these memories can be deep and difficult, but lean into the change that is happening here and look forward to having new information to hold dear.

To connect with your body on this eclipse, bring touch to your chest. Depending on what anatomy you have in this region, it may be flat and it may be fleshy, but either way we’re going to connect with our chest under our collarbones. Bring your fingers to your collarbone and gently tug down towards your armpits, feeling the tender part of your upper chest where your thoracic nerve runs through. Think of this body you are in and how it is your home: remind yourself of this is “home” is a sensitive, difficult, or impossible subject to consider yourself, and experience the physical pleasure of the home that is your body while you have your hands to your chest.

OMG Stars is an astrology column written by queer astrologer Amelia Ehrhardt (@soft_aspects). Every two weeks, on the new and full moons, Amelia interprets the upcoming astrology with a focus on how to navigate current events (astrological and global). Book an appointment with Amelia here.

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